Top 5 Overrated Fantasy Quarterbacks

Here is a look at the Quarterbacks who will not help your team win the fantasy football championship this year:

1. Matt Leinart

Once considered to be the best QB in college football, he now can’t win the starting job over Kurt Warner. All the pieces are in place for Leinart to have a solid year if he can get on the field, but that is a big if. Stay away from drafting him unless it is announced that he will be the starting QB, even if he is beware of him being pulled of the field early in games.

2. Rex Grossman

The Bears failed to draft a quarter back this year because they feel that Rex is a starter, sorry Lovie, he’s not. Spare your team the agony and don’t draft this guy, maybe take him as your back up if you are really desperate, otherwise stay far away. The Bears also lost Bernard Berrian to the Vikings and Cedric Benson to booze so their offense is in definite trouble.

3. Alex Smith

The number 1 pick from the now bust filled draft of 2005 has yet to show that he deserved to have been selected so high. San Fran has some offensive weapons to go with an improving defense this season which means there will be no more excuses if Smith falters. This is a make or break year for Smith as the 49ers will not allow him to play much if he has a bad start.

4. Tavaris Jackson

Jackson will also be on the hot seat this year if he stumbles out of the gate. The Vikings drafted John David Booty from USC as an insurance policy in case Jackson proves ineffective. The Vikings have a good defense and a great running back in A.P., which should keep defenders on their toes. Much like Alex Smith there is little margin for error for him this season.

5. Vince Young

Young has proved that he is a dynamic play maker who has the ability to win games for his team, he is yet to prove he can win games for a fantasy football team. Last year was a less than average season for the young QB as he threw for under 2,500 yards and had more picks than TDs. He is best served as a bye week replacement as opposed to a starting QB.

Honorable Mention: Chad Pennington, Brody Croyle, Aaron Rodgers

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