A bluff that got called by a dragon

David PhamPlaying in event #49 (2700 entrants) of the World Series Of Poker, I was playing amazing poker all day; making some tough calls and getting paid off on big hands. I was sitting above average stack most of the day when these 2 hands changed everything.

We got moved to the Amazon Room(The main room were all the action takes place in the Wsop). The first hand I made a huge raise, blinds were 100-200 with a 25 ante, 2 limper’s in front and I make it 1000 to go with Akos. Everyone folds to some online player who looked like he had been up for a week straight. He starred me down for a bit till he decided to move all his chips in 5900 total. I was confused, why would he limp out of position and then move all his chips in? He made some weird plays all day, and again I thought this was one of them. When I’m raising 5 times the big blind, I’m letting everyone know I got a big hand. Doesn’t he believe me? or does he think he can push me off my AK. I took about 4 minutes to think about what I was gonna do; I had I’m on a hand like 55, 66, 77 or even like an A10, AJ, AQ hands, I finally called and he quickly flipped over AQ os. I was huge if I won this I would be up to 18000 chips and probably top 15 in the tourney at the time. Flop comes J87, turn 8, river 7. A chopped pot, after all this and making such a tough call it resulted in a chopped pot. Stupid online donk!

The second hand I got involved in was with David “The Dragon” Pham who also got seated at our table in the Amazon Room. All I can say about David is “Cannon”, he is a great player who mixes it up all the time. It’s really hard to put him on a hand. Anyways, David raises preflop to about 1275, and I look down and have AJ clubs in position, so I call. Flop comes low, 648 with 2 hearts, David fires 2200 and I call. Setting up a bluff for the river, turn comes a 9 spades, David checks and I ask how many chips he has left, “3300” he says. River, 10 of hearts, making a 2 way straight and a heart flush. The Dragon again checks and I go in the tank for a bit. I think I should go all in here cause he may think I have a flush or a straight. So I push, he goes in the tank for about 5 minutes and calls. I say, nice call David, what do you have, he opens Aces, lol, I insta fold without opening. This got me down to about 8500 chips and total down hill from there on in the tourney.

I finally got knocked out with 400 people left and top 270 getting paid. Early position opens for a raise and I move all in with 1010. Everyone folds and he snap calls with AA, flop comes 10, J, 8, 2 diamonds, turn 9 of diamonds giving him the diamond draw, river 4 of diamonds. I loose, I guess I can’t really be that mad, I had the worst hand preflop and sucked out on the flop. Anyways, that’s poker and gambling for you, as David said to me when I went back to rail the table “Up and down like a yo-yo, you know how it is!”

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