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No Tiger! No Ratings!

by: AnthonyP On  Thursday, August 14, 2008
Tags:  Ben Curtis   LPGA   PGA   Tiger Woods   Tim Finchen  

Tiger WoodsIt looks like without Tiger Woods, the PGA should be called the LPGA for its laclustre ratings over the weekend.  We all knew that without the Tiger, the PGA would struggle, but this is a huge problem for PGA commissioner Tim Finchem.

The PGA Championship had a 3.0 rating, down 55% from last year. Also, attendance at the tournaments are significantly down since Tiger shut it down for the season. You could see that this past weekend when Ben Curtis, who had a share for the lead, had  what looked like 10 people following his group. That’s embarrassing for a Sunday at a major event.  For all you golf fans out there, you better be watching when the next major rolls around, because if you dont, there might not be one on T.V. for a long time (or at least until Tiger comes back).�