Andrew Bynum 100% Ready After Knee Injury

Andrew BynumTotal Pro Sports – Without Andrew Bynum in the middle last year the Los Angeles Lakers made it to the NBA Finals.  Even though they were lead behind Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, with the help of Bynum in the middle would have made that difference against the Celtics. 

Having 2 big men on the court at one time changes the flow of the game.  Crashing the boards and keeping players from driving the lanes, makes team gridng harder to capture a win.  Remember the San Antonio Spurs and the infamous “Twin Towers”, ffeaturing the dual of David Robinson and Tim Duncan?  Thats right teams had fits playing against them.  Well you can be sure the same will happen once Andrew Bynum comes back to the Lakers lineup.

The smile is back on his face, the sparkle is back in his eyes and, most important, the bounce is back in his step.

Nearly eight months after Andrew Bynum suffered a major injury to his left knee, less than four months after undergoing arthroscopic surgery, 2 1/2 months after finishing his rehabilitation in New York and after six weeks of vigorous training in Atlanta, he declared himself fit to return and eager to proceed.

“Everything’s ready to go. I’m 100%,” the 20-year-old Lakers center said Friday at the team’s El Segundo training center. “I think I’m the only guy who wants to see the season start tomorrow. I can’t wait to play with the fellows. I haven’t done that in so long. I’m excited.”

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