NFL Week 1 Results And Power Rankings
Ravens - Texans Game Moved to Monday Night
Vince Young, not so good, not so smart

2008 NFL Power Rankings Week 1

by: DanD On  Tuesday, September 23, 2008

NFL Power Rankings: Week 1The first week of the season is in the books and here is an early look at which teams came out of the gate on fire.  Here is a few teams to keep youe eye on in week two as they should still be undefeated:  The New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, and possibly the Tennessee Titans.

The match-up between Philly and Dallas should be an one interesting as the winnner will be the most powerfull team in NFL, for sure.     

Make sure to check back with Total pro sports on a weekly basis as we are the first site to publish power rankings every week.  We try to post the most up to date rankings the moment the monday night games are finished.  

Rank Team Rec Comment
1 Dallas Cowboys 1-0 Made the Browns look like a college team in week 1.  Injury to Marion Barber seems to be minimal combined with impressive debut of rookie Felix Jones.
2 Philadelphia Eagles 1-0 Playing without their top two receivers the Eagles made quick work of the St. Louis Rams.  This weeks match-up against powerhouse Dallas will prove who is truly number one in the NFC East.
3 Pittsburgh Steelers 1-0 Crushed a Texans team who many people assumed was on its way to having a good season. If Big Ben can stay healthy, the Steelers should easily take the division.
4 New York Giants 1-0 Defending champs looked solid against the Skins. The Giants have a good match-up this week and should cruise to victory.
5 New Orleans Saints 1-0 Showed Tampa Bay that they intend to be the NFC south champs this year.  If Reggie Bush breaks out, they could go deep into the playoffs.
6 San Diego Chargers 0-1 A tough loss at home will make them hungry to win this week against the Broncos. Look for the leagues former MVP Ladanian Tomslinson to carry this offense in the coming weeks.
7 New England Patriots 0-1 Loss of Brady will hurt the Pats, but don’t count out a Bellichek coached team. Matt Cassel looks to be put in a tough spot in taking over this offense, but with a weapon like Moss, any QB can be effective.
8 Indianapolis Colts 0-1 As Manning continues to shake the rust off after missing the preseason, the Colts will undoubtebly improve. We wont see the dominance from the Colts as we’ve seen in the past, but they are still a threat to win the superbowl.
9 Green Bay Packers 1-0 Aaron Rodgers looks like the real deal as he replaces Brett Favre. He may suffer some setbacks, as he will make mistakes due to inexperience, but looks to be capable of answering his critics.
10 Chicago Bears 1-0 Beat the Colts convincingly at home on Sunday night. Matt Forte looks to be the real deal this year at running back, look out defenses.
11 Jacksonville Jaguars 0-1 The loss of both starting guards to injury, for a substantial amount of time and one back-up who was shot several times, will hurt. They should be able to rally through their depth at these positions.
12 New York Jets 1-0 With a rejuventated Favre at the helm, as we seen in week one, the Jets are poised to have a succesful year.
13 Buffalo Bills 1-0 Gave the Seahawks a beating in all phases of the game.  If Trent Edwards can manage the game, the Bills can win the division.
14 Tennessee Titans 1-0 Shut down a very good Jacksonville team, the injury to Vince Young could actually make them better. Kerry Collins made the offense more effective once he hit the field.
15 Carolina Panthers 1-0 Upset the Chargers in the last minute on their own turf. Return of pro bowler Steve Smith will boost the offense in week through.
16 Denver Broncos 1-0 Jay Cutler continues to progress into a winning quarterback, and the return of Brandon Marshall should help the offense tremendously.
17 Arizona Cardinals 1-0 If Kurt Warner plays like the quarterback everyone expects him too this year, the Cardinals have a chance to win the division. The Cardinals also have a former heisman trophy winner in Leinhart waiting to take over if Warner in-effective.
18 Cleveland Browns 0-1 The Browns looked shaky on both sides of the ball in week one against the Cowboys.  Maybe trading Leigh Bodden for Shaun Rodgers this past season was a bad idea after all.
19 Minnesota Vikings 0-1 Tavaris Jackson made a couple of key mistakes in their loss to Green Bay on Monday night.  Maybe they need a change at quarter back in order to move up in the rankings.
20 Baltimore Ravens 1-0 Flacco and the Ravens D played well in week one against the Bengals, hopefully they can continue to play at this level and the should move up the rankings.  They should be able to beat Houston this week.
21 Atlanta Falcons 1-0 Both Matt Ryan and Michael Turner had impressive debuts against the Lions.  They should be in for a test this week against the Bucs.
22 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-1 Tampa should have beat the Saints last week but they let Reggie Bush beat them on a long touchdown pass.  Derrick Brooks and Jeff Garcia are both nursing injuries which indicates they might be getting too old to be competitive.
23 Washington Redskins 0-1 Jim Zorn and Jason Campbell both looked inexperienced in their loss to Giants.  The fact that they play in the NFL’s hardest division means that they are in for a long season and will most likely miss out on the post season.
24 Seattle Seahawks 0-1 Awful, doesn’t begin to describe how bad this team looked against the Bills.  The loss of Nate Burleson for the season is yet another blow to an already  ailing receiving corps.
25 Cincinnati Bengals 0-1 The Offense was ineffective and the defense was equally inept in their match up against the Ravens.  Palmer will have to learn how to play better under pressure or they won’t have many victories this season.
26 Kansas City Chiefs 0-1 Even with the leagues MVP knocked out the game they failed to win the game.  The fact that Brody Croyle is injured might be a good thing as Damon Huard has played well in spot duty.
27 Houston Texans 0-1 They looked like the same old Texans in week one, as Matt Shaub did his best David Carr impression.  Gary Kubiak will have his hands full against the rejuvenated Ravens D this week.
28 Oakland Raiders 0-1 The Raiders looked out of synch and inexperienced against the Broncos this week.  Dangelo Hall, one of their prized free agents was burned all game by rookie Eddie Royal.
29 Miami Dolphins 0-1 Despite losing a close game against the Jets, Miami still has a lot of work to do.  If they can beat the chargers this week they might be able to move up a couple spots.
30 St Louis Rams 0-1 Looked incredibly bad against Philly this week.  Things won’t be getting any easier as the defending champion Giants roll into town.
31 Detroit Lions 0-1 The Lions made the Falcons look like a playoff team this past week as they were simply out played.  Rod Marinelli and Matt Millen will be on their way out of the motor city in no time if things don’t change in a hurry.
32 San Francisco 49ers 0-1 Mike Nolan has the potential to be the first coach fired this season if San Fran cannot find a way to win.  The fact that Aaron Rodgers played so well on Monday night makes Alex Smith look even worse.

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