2008 Heisman Trophy Candidates: Top 6

Heisman TrophyTotal Pro Sports – The Heisman trophy is always a hot topic early in the college football season.  This year there are many players who are making a case for winning it and right now its difficult to decipher who will eventually hold it up.  There have been many remarkable stories thus far in the season and many players have led their teams to strong starts while still carrying Heisman hopes on their shoulders.  Each game of college football is filled with pressure packed moments and exciting plays and in order to win this prestigious award players must stand out.   A player wishing to win the Heisman has to make big plays and win games in order to earn the respect of their peers and other coaches. 

The trophy was named after John W. Heisman, and is awarded to the most outstanding football player in the nation.  It is not a surprise then that since its introduction in 1935, the winner of the trophy has come from the running back or quarterback position 65 times.

Let’s take a look after week 4 at our top 6 2008 Heisman Trophy Candidates for this season.

Chase Daniels1.  Chase Daniels (Missouri Tigers):  What can you say about the kid from Missouri, he stands only 6′ tall and weighs in at 225lb, but he controls the flow of the game better than any one on the field.  He has led his team a 4-0 record thus far and enters week 5 with a 12:1 touchdown to interception ratio.  He is averaging 353 passing yards/game and Mizzu trails only Oklahoma in ppg at 53.8.  Daniels also has the intangibles that cannot be measured by statistics, his ability to make a first down with his feet, to lead his team down the field late in games, read the defence, and make adjustments at the line of scrimmage.  He reminds me of that guy from Florida who took home the Heisman last year. 

Max Hall2. Max Hall (BYU Cougars): After a Mountain West team beats two PAC-10 teams they must be doing something right, and that thing is Max Hall.  The junior quarterback from BYU is showing the nation that it doesn’t matter what other people think of you, its what you think of yourself.  He has the Cougars believing they should win every game they play and recently they are not just winning they are running right over the competition.  In a game earlier this year Hall tied a school record with 7 touchdown passes and has his team currently riding the nations longest winning streak at 14 games. 


Knowshon Moreno3. Knowshon Moreno (Georgia Bulldogs): If you don’t KNOW SHON than you have not been watching college football this year.  Moreno is averaging 6.6 yards/carry, and a TD every 7.6 attempts, that means if he gets 23 carries a game, Georgia should score at least 21 points.  He has rushed for a total of 455 yards and 9 touchdown in 4 games. You think that’s all? He is also the third down back, he has 7 receptions for 96 yards and seems to get better as the game wears on. 


Javon Ringer4. Javon Ringer (Michigan State):  Its important to recognize the players which are having sensational seasons but play at schools with less notoriety. The case of Javon Ringer is ideal, the senior running back out of Michigan State is making a strong case to be the number 1overall draft pick in next years draft.  Ringer leads the nation in rushing TD’s (11) and is just 17 yards behind the nations leading rusher.  His team has managed to score 113 points this year, 66 have come from Ringer.  He is averaging just under 36 carries/game, which is why many NFL scouts are watching and salivating over this kid.  


Tim Tebow5. Tim Tebow (Florida Gators):  This guy has to be on the list if for nothing more than to defend his trophy.  Tim Tebow is not having an awful year by any means, its just that his numbers are not as flashy as they were last year. That is not completely his fault, the coaching staff has made it their obligation to teach Tebow to be a pocket passer.  Let me tell you somethings he is doing, he leads his team in passing (489) and rushing (118) yards, he has yet to throw an interception, and has led his team to wins over rivals Miami and Tennessee.  He may not throw for 32 touchdowns or rush for 23,  but he will give Florida a bunch of W’s this year. 

Donald Brown6. Donald Brown (UConn Huskies): His quarterback has thrown 1 touchdown vs 6 interceptions.  After hearing a stat like that what would you be able to guess the record of this team? If you said 4-0 you are absolutely correct, the sole reason for this deceiving stat is that Donald Brown is having a career year.  Brown leads the nation in rushing and is second in the nation in rushing TD’s.  He averages 6.3 yards/carry, is second in attempts at 113 and has caught 8 passes for 44 yards.  He may not get the same recognition because he plays at Connecticut, but he has opened my eyes.   

Honourable Mentions: Sam Bradford (OU), Shun White (Navy), Michael Crabtree (TXTech), Mark Sanchez (USC), Matt Grothe (USF)�

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