Plaxico Burress Suspend For Insubordination

Plaxico BurressTotal Pro Sports – Insubordination is the act of a subordinate deliberately disobeying a lawful order. Refusing to perform an action that is not ethical or legal is not insubordination. Refusing to perform an action that is not within the scope of authority of the person issuing the order is not insubordination.

The New York Giants have suspended standout wide receiver Plaxico Burress for 2 weeks for not showing up to practise both Monday and Tuesday and not responding to any phone calls placed to him during that time. 

What could have been Plaxico Burress excuse?  What was he doing that was so important and where was he?  Well no excuse now will change Tom Coughlin’s mind and his suspension.  Burress will now miss the game against the Seattle Seahawks in 2 weeks.  

Sometimes it just blows my mind when athletes pull stupid stunts like this.  Your getting paid millions of dollars to play a sport.  How can you ruin a perfect situation?  Go into work everyday for the 6.5 months that is asked of you and then the other 5.5 months you can do as you please.  The problem is that as athlete’s your given a little, and people like Plaxico Burress seem to think they can take a lot more and get away with it. 


The New York Giants will not have the services of their most electrifying offensive weapon when they play Seattle after their bye week. Wide receiver Plaxico Burress will miss the game, not because of injury, but rather insubordination.

The Giants have suspended Burress for two weeks for failing to show up for work on Monday and not responding to several phone calls by the team to explain his unexcused absence both Monday and Tuesday, has learned.

Source: Fox Sports

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