Barbeque Turned Car Fire At Jets Game

Jets Tailgate FireTotal Pro Sports – Hot dogs, Sausages, Hamburgers, cars on fire!! What else can we say but this is fantastic!  I guess this all makes sense, Drunk tailgaters at a football game = Car on fire.  Expect anything from football game!!!

At least Jets fans had something to talk about if their team lost to the Cardinals on Sunday.  This was not the case, New York Jets fans had everything to talk about.  Brett Favre throwing for 6 touchdowns, the Jets laying a beating to the struggling Arizona Cardinals and a full fledged Car on fire in the parking lot while tailgating.

While watching this video of the Car BBQ at the Jets game, I think to myself were these fans cooking their meat out of the trunk, or maybe they were actually cooking inside the car because it was cold?  It just boggles my mind of how something like this could actually happen.  Yes, of course well blame the beer but just plain old stupidity has to do something with this for sure. 

Barbeque Turned Car Fire At Jets Game –  Watch the guy with the Cigar in his mouth, just classic!

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