NFL Power Rankings: Week 4

Week 2

Total Pro Sports – Another high flying week in the NFL and once again we here at TPS have released our NFL Power Rankings first in the world.

After a big loss to the Washington Redskins, the Dallas Cowboys have dropped from the #1 spot, falling only 2 spots to #3. The Redskins looked amazing in this game, Jason Cambell looks like the poised QB he once was at Auburn. Look for the Redskins to have a nice season and hopefully make the playoffs.

The Tennessee Titans seem to be improving every week, now a perfect 4-0 and the #1 ranked team in our NFL Power Rankings with an easy win over the Minnesota Vikings.

Red ArrowThe biggest losers this week was the Philadelphia Eagles losing a close one against the Chicago Bears, which saw them drop 7 spots to #13. The Green Bay Packers lost on the road to the surging Tampa Bay Bucs and the Minnestoa Vikings keep falling further and further away from playoff hopes, losing to the #1 ranked team in the league the Titans. The Packers and the Vikings both lost 6 spots in our NFL Power Rankings.

Green ArrowThe biggest gainers of the week were the Carolina Panthers who jumped 6 spots to #10, with a big win over the Atlanta Falcons. Who would have expected the Kansas City Chiefs to beat the high flying Denver Broncos? The Chiefs are the second biggest gainer in our week 5 NFL Power Rankings gaining 4 spots from #30 to #26.

Lets take a look at the rest of the league: NFL Power Rankings for week 4

Rank Team Rec PRV Comment
1 Tennessee Titans 4-0 Green Arrow2 The Titans move to 4-0 on the season with an easy win over the Vikings this past week. Veteran Kerry Collins continues to play well, along with their underrated defense that seems to create turnovers at a steady rate, which continues to set up the offense for easy scores. The Titans are going to be near the top all season long. Up Next: Baltimore Ravens
2 New York Giants 3-0 A week off, the New York Giants play at home against the Seattle Seahawks.
3 Dallas Cowboys 3-1 Red Arrow2 A big loss to the Redskins, see the Dallas Cowboys aka “God’s Team” drop 2 spots to #3. It just wasn’t the Cowboys day, they were only able to rush for a total of 44 yards combined and Tony Romo made one costly error which lead to a points for the Redskins. Look for the Cowboys to rebound this week when they face off against the lowly Cincinnati Bengals. Up Next: Cincinnati Bengals
4 Buffalo Bills 4-0 The Bills once again struggled in the first half but made the needed adjustments in the second half to get past the last place Rams. After allowing 14 points in the first half, the Bills defense shut the Rams out in the second half. Look for the Bills to move to 5-0 after week 5 when they face the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale Arizona. Up Next: Arizona Cardinals
5 Pittsburgh Steelers 2-1 Green Arrow2 With Willie Parker on the reserve, Big Ben not 150% and Rashard Mendenhall getting knocked out of the game. The Steelers still managed to pull off a win in overtime over the Baltimore Ravens. Up Next: Jacksonville Jaguars
6 Washington Redskins 3-1 Green Arrow3 Nothing but good things to say about the Redskins after a huge win in Dallas. After an embarassing opening loss to the Giants, Jim Zorn has his football team motivated. They have shown improvements on offense over the last 3 weeks, the 3 headed monster of Jason Cambell, Santana Moss and Clinton Portis are clicking on all cylinders. Another real test next week when the Redksins travel to Philadelphia to face the Eagles. If they can pull off a win next week will determine if they are for real. Up Next: Philadelphia Eagles
7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-1 Green Arrow3 All that remain from 02′ Super Bowl team are Derrick Brooks and Rhonde Barber, this team reminds me of that Championship team. With Brian Greise doing what is asked of him, and the running game finding success, it is the defence that remains consistent each year. Up Next: Denver Broncos
8 Denver Broncos 3-1 Red Arrow4 Ok, so Denver played at Kansas City this week, I’m thinking blow out. I’m thinking correctly except for the fact it was the Cheifs dominating the Broncos. After averaging 38 PPG in the first three weeks, the Broncos only manage 19 against one of the worst defences in football, GO FIGURE! Up Next: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
9 San Diego Chargers 2-2 Green Arrow3 San Diego took the first three quarters off in its game against Oakland. They scored 25 points in the fourth quarter and 10 points in the final two minutes, capped off with an LT 41 yard touchdown run. It’s hard to figure out which Charger team is going to show up on a given week, they have to develop some consistency otherwise they will not be able to make a run similar to last years. Up Next: San Diego Chargers
10 Carolina Panthers 3-1 Green Arrow6 The combo of Mohammad and Smith is reunited and playing well. The Panthers are back to their old ways with a stingy defence and big plays on offense the same formula that took them to the Super Bowl years back. Up Next: Kansas City Chiefs
11 Jacksonville Jaguars 2-2 Green Arrow1 Another week and again the Jags win on the final play of the game. The Jaguars defence does not look the same, they are not creating turnovers and they are not getting pressure on the quarterback. Maybe letting Marcus Stroud go was a bigger mistake than expected. Up Next: Pittsburgh Steelers
12 New England Patriots 2-1 Red Arrow1 A week off the New England Patriots play on the road against the San Francisco 49ers.
13 Philadelphia Eagles 2-2 Red Arrow7 A tough loss for the Eagles. Granted they had their biggest play maker sitting the game out, the Eagles were able to stay close and give themselves a chance to win it late in the game. If not for an impressive goal-line stand by the Bears, Philadelphia is 2-2. Up Next: Washington Redskins
14 Green Bay Packers 2-2 Red Arrow6 Aaron Rodgers had his first poor performance since taking over the reign of quarterback in Green Bay. Rodgers threw 3 interceptions and was pulled for the final Packer drive. You can’t determine the greatness of a player only when he is doing well. When he struggles and how he reacts to big decisonslate in games makes good players great. We will see how Rodgers fairs next week. Up Next: Atlanta Falcons
15 Baltimore Ravens 2-1 With each game that goes by Joe Flacco keeps on improving. This kid out of Delaware is gonna be something special, in 2 years time we will all understand why the Ravens drafted him early in the first round. Up Next: Tennessee Titans
16 New Orleans Saints 2-2 Green Arrow2 An impressive all-round performance by the Saints, Drew Brees continues to play like a Pro Bowl quarterback and that offense has new life with a relatively unknown receiving core. Up Next: Minnesota Vikings
17 Indianapolis Colts 1-2 A week off the Indianapolis Colts play on the road against the Houston Texans.
18 Arizona Cardinals 2-2 Red Arrow4 I had a feeling that this was going to happen. After the first 2 weeks of play I made a bold prediction to myself that this team would be 3-3 after week 6, now I think they may be 2-4. This week they turned the ball over 7 times, 6 by Kurt “Warning” Warner and gave up 56 points against a above average Jets team. I never believe the hype when it comes to the Cardinals. Up Next: Buffalo Bills
19 Chicago Bears 2-2 Green Arrow3 They may have just held on to possibly save their season. With second and goal from the 1 yard line the Bears stood tall and didn’t give up that final yard on Philly’s next three attempts. It’s a win that these players will remember for a long time and a motivator for the rest of the season. Up Next: Detroit Lions
20 New York Jets 2-2 Green Arrow3 So acquiring No. 4 was a bad idea huh? How about 6 touchdown passes in one game. Something that Brett has never accomplished in 16 years as a Packer he manages to do in just his 4th game as a Jet.
21 San Francisco 49ers 2-2 Red Arrow1 The Frank Gore show was cancelled this Sunday thanks to the New Orleans Saints. The Saints were able to control the 49er’s “Mr Everything”. The 49er’s still have a chance to win their division for the first time since 2002. Up Next: New England Patriots
22 Atlanta Falcons 2-2 Red Arrow1 They look impressive against weaker teams, however, they cannot match up to stiffer competition. Newly acquired Micheal Turner and 1st overall pick Matt Ryan are the future of this ball club, however, the playoffs may still be a few years away. Up Next: Green Bay Packers
23 Miami Dolphins 1-2 Green Arrow2 A week off the Miami Dolphins play at home against the San Diego Chargers.
24 Seattle Seahawks 1-2 Green Arrow2 A week off the Seattle Seahawks play on the road against the New York Giants.
25 Minnesota Vikings 1-3 Red Arrow6 Another disappointing loss to the Titans, it seems as if play off hopes are slowly diminishing for the Vikings. On a positive note, Adrian Peterson had a solid outing rushing for 80 yards and 2 touchdowns. Up Next: New Orleans Saints
26 Kansas City Chiefs 1-3 Green Arrow4 I think even the Chiefs were surprised at the result from Sunday’s game. Larry Johnson was absolutely phenomenal in the win rushing for 198 yards and 2 touchdowns. It has been 11 months since their last victory they will look to make it 2 in a row as they travel to Carolina next week. Up Next: Carolina Panthers
27 Cleveland Browns 1-3 Green Arrow1 What has happened to this offense over the course of the off season. Derek Anderson does not look the same as last year. It may be the sophomore jinx or maybe the year before was a fluke, whatever the case may be they look just awful this year. They did pick up their first win of the season against the lowly Bengals.
28 Oakland Raiders 1-3 Red Arrow4 If the records were based on first half play the Oakland Raiders would be a 3-1 football team. Since they are not, the reality is the Raiders are 1-3 with a bye next week. The Raiders blew an 15 point lead, including giving up 25 points in the 4th quarter to the Chargers.
29 Houston Texans 0-3 Red Arrow2 We did not expect the Texans to be a win less team 3 weeks into the season. To say that is a disappointment is an understatement. Their schedule has not exactly been a breeze as they have played games against the Steelers, Titans and Jaguars. Up Next: Indianapolis Colts
30 Detroit Lions 0-3 Green Arrow1 A week off the Detroit Lions play at home against the Chicago Bears.
31 Cincinnati Bengals 0-4 Red Arrow2 Looks like this team is back to being the “‘Bungals”. After another dismal performance this time against in-state rivals Cleveland, one has to question if Marvin Lewis has any control over this ball club. With Ryan Fitzpatrick starting at quarterback the Bengals are in big trouble this year. Up Next: Dallas Cowboys
32 St Louis Rams 0-4 Marc Bulger wasn’t working so they went to Trent Green, no success their either. This team has completely fallen apart the days of the Rams being explosive are over and that defence is a disgrace.

Be sure to check back next week with our NFL Power Rankings for week 6.

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