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2008-09 NHL Predictions

by: AnthonyP On  Thursday, October 9, 2008
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The Stanley CupTotal Pro Sports – It’s that time of year boys and girls, arn’t you excited? 

With the upcoming NHL season under 24 hours away, our team of experts at TPS have come together and made their 2008-09 NHL Predictions.  The predictions consist of who they think will come first in each Division, win their Conference and lift the greatest trophy in sports “The Stanley Cup”.

Lets take a look at who our experts at Total Pro Sports have selected to lift Lord Stanley’s Cup in the 2008-09 NHL Predictions!

Expert Atlantic N’East S’East Central N’West Pacific East West  Cup

New York Rangers

Montreal Canadiens Washington Capitals  Detroit Red Wings  Minnesota Wild  San Jose Sharks  New York Rangers  Dallas Stars  New York Rangers
RobG New York Rangers Ottawa Senators  Washington Capitals Detroit Red Wings   Calgary Flames  San Jose Sharks  New York Rangers  Calgary Flames  New York Rangers
Chico New Jersey Devils Montreal Canadiens  Carolina Hurricanes  Detroit Red Wings  Edmonton Oilers  Dallas Stars  New York Rangers  San Jose Sharks  San Jose Sharks
CoreyS Philadelphia Flyers  Montreal Canadiens  Washington Capitals  Detroit Red Wings  Minnesota Wild  San Jose Sharks  Philadelphia Flyers  Dallas Stars  Dallas Stars
DanD  Pittsburgh Penguins Montreal Canadiens  Carolina Hurricanes Detroit Red Wings  Calgary Flames  Dallas Stars  Montreal Canadiens  Detroit Red Wings  Detroit Red Wings
 Jamie Philadelphia Flyers   Ottawa Senators  Washington Capitals  Detroit Red Wings  Calgary Flames  San Jose Sharks  Philadelphia Flyers  Detroit Red Wings  Detroit Red Wings
 Ozel  Pittsburgh Penguins  Montreal Canadiens  Washington Capitals  Detroit Red Wings  Edmonton Oilers  Anaheim Ducks  New York Rangers  Detroit Red Wings  Detroit Red Wings
RonCanada  New Jersey Devils  Montreal Canadiens  Washington Capitals  Detroit Red Wings  Calgary Flames  Dallas Stars  Montreal Canadiens  Detroit Red Wings  Montreal Canadiens