NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

Week 2

Total Pro Sports – Some major changes to our NFL Power Rankings this week.

What can we say about the Washington Redskins again this week. Falling behind 14-0 to the Philadelphia Eagles this past Sunday and rebounding to win the game and move to 4-1. Did anyone expect Jason Cambell to quarterback his team to such a great start so far? We didn’t.

The Tennessee Titans are again the #1 ranked team in our NFL Power Rankings with a tough win against the Baltimore Ravens.

Red ArrowThe biggest loser this week was the Green Bay Packers losing to the Atlanta Falcons, which saw them drop 9 spots to #23. The Green Bay Packerslost at home to the surging Falcons, lead by the Big 3 of Ryan, Turner, and White. What can we say about the San Diego Chargers? Coming into the season they were favored to win the Super Bowl. Now it looks as if they might receivea top 8 draft pick in next years draft. The Chargers lost 8 spots to #17, after loosing to the now .500 Miami Dolphins. Week 5 saw some huge drops in our weekly NFL Power Rankings.

Green ArrowThe biggest gainer of the week were the Chicago Bears who jumped 8 spots to #11, with an easy win over the Detroit “Lowly” Lions. I guess its true, no offense + great defense = success in the NFL. The Arizona Cardianls seem to be back in business after that ugly loss to the Jets the other week. They came back to Glendale, Arizona and roughed up the entire Bills team. They were our second biggest gainer in our week 5 NFL Power Rankings gaining 7 spots from #19 to #12.

It seems after week 5, teams are finding their stride and getting postioned properly in there deserving spot on the Power Rankings

Lets take a look at the rest of the league: NFL Power Rankings for week 6

Rank Team Rec PRV Comment
1 Tennessee Titans 5-0 Another hard earned win by the Titans, it seems it’s never easy against the Ravens. This team does a lot of things very well, which allows Kerry Collins to blend in and manage the offense. Up Next: Bye Week
2 New York Giants 4-0 The Giants have picked up where they left off last season, they look exceptional on offense they gained 523 yards this week as they extended their 8 game winning streak. Up Next: Cleveland Browns
3 Dallas Cowboys 4-1 So last week Felix Jones had no touches and the Cowboys lose, this week they gave him 9 carries, he gains 96 yards and they hang on to beat the Bengals. The Cowboys didn’t look great but a win is a win. Up Next: Arizona Cardinals
4 Pittsburgh Steelers 4-1 The Steelers get it done against a tough Jacksonville team without their top 2 running backs. Ben Rothlisberger battled all night through injuries and pressure to lead the Steelers to a big win and snap a 4 game losing streak to the Jags. Up Next: Bye
5 Washington Redskins 4-1 Green Arrow1 The Redskins looked down and out as the Eagles pounced on them quickly jumping in front 14-0. The composure of Campbell, coupled with the tremendous running of Clinton Portis gave the Skins a big boost and extend their wining streak to 4 games. Up Next: St. Louis Rams
6 Carolina Panthers 4-1 Green Arrow4 Nice win for the Panthers as they routed the Kansas City Chiefs 34-0. The Chiefs had no answer for DeAngelo Williams as he rushed for the opening 3 touchdowns of the ballgame. Up Next: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
7 Denver Broncos 4-1 Green Arrow1 Well Jay Cutler didn’t go off in this game but he did guide his team to an important victory. The defence played much better this week and needs to bring that type of effort each week. Up Next: Jacksonville Jaguars
8 New England Patriots 3-1 Green Arrow4 The Patriots looked like they were back to their old ways, thanks to Matt Cassel. The deep ball became a part of the game plan once again. Up Next: San Diego Chargers
9 Buffalo Bills 4-1 Red Arrow5 Big loss this weekend, both to the record and to a key player. The Bills dropped their first game of the season and lose Trent Edwards for an extended period of time. Up Next: Bye
10 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-2 Red Arrow3 Brian Griese was released by the Broncos years back, so you know he had payback on his mind in this game, it’s too bad that he didn’t get a chance to finish. The Broncos took Griese out of the game in the third quarter and the Bucs came up short. Up Next: Carolina Panthers
11 Chicago Bears 3-2 Green Arrow8 Last weeks emotional win against the Eagles, had the Bears run all over the lowly Lions. The Chicago Bears seem to be rounding into form, and their defense resembles the Bears team from 2 years ago, when they made that Super Bowl run. Up Next: Atlanta Falcons
12 Arizona Cardinals 3-2 Green Arrow7 Nobody expected them to blow out the Bills in Glendale this past weekend. After knocking out Trent Edwards the Cardinals took full advantage of a rusty offense with J.P Losman at the helm Up Next: Dallas Cowboys
13 Indianapolis Colts 2-2 Green Arrow4 The Colts were given a gift on Sunday, as the Sage Rosenfels lost 2 fumbles in the final 4 minutes. The Colts scored 21 unanswered points to win the game. With this win they may just salvage there season. Up Next: Baltimore Ravens
14 Baltimore Ravens 2-2 Green Arrow1 In a tight defensive battle against rival Tennessee they were undone by a late drive led by veteran Kerry Collins. The Ravens defence was exceptional again this week, they make it hard to score points in any game. Up Next: Indianapolis Colts
15 Philadelphia Eagles 2-3 Red Arrow2 The Eagles scored the first 14 points in their game and only managed 3 more the rest of the game. The Redskins chipped away at the lead and took control in the third quarter. Desean Jackson returned a punt for a touchdown as there were few bright spots in this contest. Up Next: San Francisco 49ers
16 Jacksonville Jaguars 2-3 Red Arrow5 The Jaguars have lost their three games by a combined total of 16 points. They are in every game, however, they must find a way to win these tight games as they did last year. Up Next: Denver Broncos
17 San Diego Chargers 2-3 Red Arrow8 An ugly performance by the Chargers this week as they stumble in Miami. The Chargers were held out of the end-zone in a key goal line stand early in the fourth quarter. Up Next: New England Patriots
18 Atlanta Falcons 3-2 Green Arrow4 Another huge performance from their big 3! Lead by Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, and Rodey White. The Falcons were able to upset the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, a stadium most teams do not have success Up Next: Chicago Bears
19 New York Jets 2-3 Green Arrow2 Bye Week Up Next: Cincinnati Bengals
20 Miami Dolphins 2-2 Green Arrow3 The style that was introduced by the Razorbacks and Darren McFadden in college is paying dividends for the Miami Dolphins. That’s back to back wins against notable opponents. Up Next: Houston Texans
21 Minnesota Vikings 2-3 Green Arrow4 Huge win for the Vikings this week, they were out gained in every statistical catagory and managed to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Adrian Peterson was ineffective, but Antoine Winfield was the difference in the game. Up Next: Detroit Lions
22 New Orleans Saints 2-3 Red Arrow6 What a performance be Reggie Bush on prime time, he did it all in this game including returning 2 punts for touchdowns and almost a third. Unfortunately the Saints were not able to win this game thanks to mental mistakes by Brees and a sloppy performance by Gramitica. Up Next: Oakland Raiders
23 Green Bay Packers 2-3 Red Arrow9 Well now the Packershave some cause for concern as the team has dropped three straight games and Aaron Rodgers is not receiving high accolades for his performance. Up Next:Seattle Seahawks
24 San Francisco 49ers 2-3 Red Arrow3 San Fran lost to New England nothing that was unexpected here. They did hold 2, 7 point leads early in the first half and blew both of them. The only bright spot here was here was the performance of Patrick Willis with a total of 18 tackles and 1 sack. Up Next: Philadelphia Eagles
25 Seattle Seahawks 1-3 Red Arrow1 They got their bags handed to them, so to speak. The Giants whipped them and the Seahawks could not do anything about it. Up Next: Green Bay Packers
26 Cleveland Browns 1-4 Green Arrow1 Bye Week Up Next: New York Giants
27 Oakland Raiders 1-3 Green Arrow1 Bye Week Up Next: New Orleans Saints
28 Kansas City Chiefs 1-4 Red Arrow2 A week after snapping a losing streak that dated back to last year, the Chiefs lay an egg against the Panthers. The offense looked inept to say the least. Up Next: Bye Week
29 Cincinnati Bengals 0-5 Green Arrow2 The Bengals fought hard this week against a good Cowboy football team but fell just short in a bid for their first win of the season. Up Next: New York Jets
30 Houston Texans 0-4 Red Arrow1 The Texans will be looking at tape on Monday and wondering how they managed to lose this weeks game. The Texans had the victory all but wrapped up, leading by 17 points with under 4:00 minutes left key turnovers allowed the Colts to storm back. Up Next: Miami Dolphins
31 Detroit Lions 0-4 Red Arrow1 I guess the firing of Matt McMillan will not have immediate results to the franchise. It may take years of undoing the web that McMillan weaved. Up Next: Minnesota Vikings
32 St Louis Rams 0-4 Bye Week Up Next: Washington Redskins

Be sure to check back next week with our NFL Power Rankings for week 7.

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