NFL Cheerleaders 2008

NFL Cheerleaders 2008

2008 NFL Cheerleaders

After watching the exciting first 5 weeks on the NFL, it was hard not to notice the lovely ladies, also known as the NFL Cheerleaders dancing on the sidelines.  Isn’t it great to have the NFL back on?  We get to watch the game on Sundays and if our team is loosing we can watch the nfl cheerleaders dance on the sideline.  A win, win situation for all football fans.  With their smoking hot bodies, those little skimpy outfits, and those pompoms………..stop dreaming!   It’s no secret some guys just go to the game to drink and watch the NFL CHEERLEADERS on the sideline and dream that they can get one of those stunning beauties to maybe dance for them at home.  No chance!!!!  But it’s not a bad thing to dream of.

NFL Cheerleaders:  We love you

I remember back when the Houston Texans were in Miami to face the Dolphins for the season opener.  This was back in 2004 or so, all I remember is that the Dolphins were 14 point favorites and lost outright to the lowly Texans.  NFL Survivor Pools “Suicide Pools” took absolute beatings, the first week the pool that I was in lost 225 of 335 people.  Everyone was on the Dolphins what a mistake.

Anyways, back on topic, it wasn’t a bad game but we were sitting in the bottom bowl and close enough that the Dolphins and Texans cheerleaders were able to drag our attention away from the game.  At times I found myself, day dreaming and not paying attention to the game.  I was just thinking……………….Dolphins Cheerleaders, Texans Cheerleaders, NFL cheerleaders, this is fantastic, please do I ever have to go home!

NFL Cheerleaders Motivate

The Dolphins that year were a decent team, no championship team but they were ok.  They were favored so heavily because they were playing a new Houston Texans team.  Now think of this the worse the team the Hotter the NFL cheerleaders?  Think about it, they dance during the game waiving there pom poms, then a sudden unexpected leg kick, with a booty shake.   Its not like there are 5 cheerleaders, there 20 of them spread around the field, how can you not be distracted?  I’m probably wrong, but next time you go to a game take a look at the Nfl Cheerleaders and you tell me that the bottom feeder teams have fantastic cheerleaders.

These NFL cheerleaders not only keep the players motivated but they keep the fans entertained in between plays.  There are so many things cheerleaders of the NFL do for us it’s important not to take these cheerleaders for granted.

The 2008 Nfl Cheerleaders list is amazing, which team do we begin with?

The real important thing we want to know from you the reader is, which NFL team has the hottest Cheerleader?

Please leave your vote for the hottest 2008 nfl cheerleaders! �

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