The New Twin Towers!

Bosh and O\'NealWith the recent addition of Jermain O’Neal by the Toronto Raptors, Bryan Colangelo is hoping that he has just built the second edition of “The Twin Towers”.  The “New Twin Towers”, featuring All Star Chris Bosh and former All Star Jermain O’Neal. 

If you don’t remember who the original twin towers were, your not a basketball fan.  These two players absolutely dominated the boards and the game when they played together.  When Tim Duncan was drafted out of the University Of Wake Forest back in 1997 by the San Antonio Spurs, it created a lethal dual for the Spurs.  With veteran David Robinson in the front court,  two, 7 footers banging the boards, scoring points and blocking shots, they were soon nicknamed the “TWIN TOWERS”.  Most opposing teams couldn’t defend this with their tallest players being under 7 feet, the Spurs now had 2 of them!. 

What a difference 2 bigmen made for the spurs In 1999 they went from being the last place team in the NBA to a contender the next year.  The twin towers second year together, they ended up winning there first championship and in 2003 they did it again hoisting the NBA Championship trophy for the second time. 

If Jermain O’Neal can come back to form as that All Star he once was 4 years ago and the emergence of Chris Bosh as a top NBA player, anything can be possible this year for the Raptors.  Do you see the similarities?  There are already Torontonians making comparisons to Tim Duncan and David Robinson.  Even though the season hasn’t started we can only assume that this may be the case with Chris Bosh and Jermaine O’Neal.  Hopefully the combination does work, and both can stay healthy and help Toronto win the East and maybe just maybe win a championship.

Well just have to wait and see!

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