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Total Pro Sports – Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, the Titans keep on Rolling. Even though they played the last place Chiefs the Titans are still undefeated and #1 on our NFL power rankings. Who would have thought without their star Vince Young the Titans would be able to keep dominating teams. Vince Young where have you gone? That’s definitely the question that Titans fans are not asking themselves.

Red ArrowThe biggest loser in our NFL Power Rankings this week were the Dallas Cowboys losing to the lowly St. Louis Rams, which saw them drop 9 spots to #15. With the loss of Tony Romo for an extended amount of time it seems that the Cowboys season is slowly going down the drain. The Indianapolis Colts are a team in disarray, they lost 8 spots to #17 in our NFL Power Rankings. After winning huge the week before they come into Green Bay and decided to start there practice squad.

Green ArrowThe biggest winner this week in our NFL power rankings were the New England Patriots who jumped 9 spots to #9. The New England Patriots looked like the old Patriots when they could not loose a game. Hopefully this continues and the loss of Tom Brady is forgotten. The Packers had the second biggest increase in our power rankings moving up 8 spots to #12. They absolutely destroyed the Indianapolis Colts, and showed no signs that they miss Brett Favre.

Lets take a look at the rest of the league: NFL Power Rankings for week 7

Rank Team Rec PRV Comment
1 Tennessee Titans 6-0 An easy win for the Titans, with every week that goes bye they continue to improve and solidify them selves as the number 1 team in the NFL. The Titans running backs ran all over the Chiefs “D” going for a total of 332 yards and 4 touchdowns. Up Next: Indianapolis Colts
2 New York Giants 5-1 The G-men came back this week after a disappointing loss to the Browns last and beat a down and out 49ers team, fro their 4th straight win at home. Up Next: Pittsburgh Steelers
3 Pittsburgh Steelers 5-2 A game in which we thought would be much closer turned out to be a blowout for the Steelers. 3rd string running back Mewelde Moore ran over the Bengals for 120 yards and 2 touchdowns. Do you think the Steelers will miss their top 2 running backs if Moore continues to run like this? Up Next: New York Giants
4 Buffalo Bills 5-1 Trent Edwards comes back and the Bills win against a tough Chargers team. When Edwards is in the lineup, it seems as he gets the whole team clicking on all cylinders. Up Next: Miami Dolphins
5 Washington Redskins 5-2 If you were are a fan of either the Redskins or the Browns you probably fell asleep watching the game in the first half. A close win this week against the Browns, Clinton Portis had a huge week running 175 yards and 1 touchdown. Up Next: Detroit Lions
6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-2 Green Arrow2 An easy win this week against a banged up Seahawks team. Look for the real test next week when the Bucs go to Dallas and face off against the Cowboys. This will really show us if they are for real. Up Next: Dallas Cowboys
7 Arizona Cardinals 4-2 A week off. Up Next: Carolina Panthers
8 Carolina Panthers 5-2 Green Arrow3 Ok, so the Panthers are back! They came back hard this week beating up on the Saints 30-7. Where still trying to figure out what happened to this team last week when they played the Bucs? Up Next: Arizona Cardinals
9 New England Patriots 4-2 Green Arrow9 The Pats looked like the old Patriots with Tom Brady at the helm. They absolutely dominated the game both on offense and defense. On offense, back up running back Sammy Morris went for 138 yards and 1 touchdown, and on Defense the Patriots caused 5 turnovers and 3 sacks. Up Next: St. Louis Rams
10 Chicago Bears 4-3 Green Arrow7 Who would have thought the Bears would be able to put up 48 points at home against the Vikings. What turned out to be a shoot out, the Bears held the Vikings off and won 48-41. Up Next: Bye Week
11 Atlanta Falcons 4-2 Green Arrow2 A week off. Up Next: Philadelphia Eagles
12 Green Bay Packers 4-3 Green Arrow8 Even being undermanned the Packers team looked solid on offense and defense, beating the Colts 34-14. Up Next: Bye Week
13 Jacksonville Jaguars 3-3 Red Arrow1 A week off. Up Next: Cleveland Browns
14 Philadelphia Eagles 3-3 A week off. Up Next: Atlanta Falcons
15 Dallas Cowboys 4-3 Red Arrow9 Wow, what has happened to the Cowboys? Another loss this time to the Rams. Slowly but surely they begin to fall even more. Without there Quarterback it seems as if their season is going down the drain. Up Next: Tampa Bay Bucs
16 Denver Broncos 4-3 Red Arrow6 Jay Cutler injured his finger early in the first half, and the Broncos turned the ball over 5 times. You can’t win a game with those kind of stats. Up Next: Bye Week
17 Indianapolis Colts 3-4 Red Arrow8 The Colts decided to bring there practice squad to Green Bay on Sunday, or that’s what it looked like. They just got absolutely destroyed on defense and offense, loosing 34-14. They better find a solution quick or else there season is done. Up Next: Tennessee Titans
18 San Diego Chargers 3-3 Red Arrow3 We all thought with their emotional win last week against the Patriots, the Chargers would be all fired up and hand the Bills their second loss of the season. We were wrong, the Bill won 23-14. Up Next: New Orleans Saints
19 New York Jets 3-3 Red Arrow3 The Jets turned the ball over 3 times this week against the Raiders. Even though Thomas Jones had a monster game rushing for 159, this could not help the Jets against the dreadful Black Hole. Up Next: Kansas City Chiefs
20 New Orleans Saints 3-4 After limping off the field late in the first half, Reggie Bush is off to to Alabama to see knee specialist Dr. James Andrews. This is horrible news for the now 3-4 Saints. Up Next: San Diego Chargers
21 Baltimore Ravens 3-3 Green Arrow3 The Baltimore Ravens held one of the leagues top running backs to only 27 total yards this past Sunday. Ravens rookie Quarterback Joe Flacco continues to mature with another stellar performance, 17/23, 232, and 1 touchdown. Up Next: Oakland Raiders
22 Minnesota Vikings 3-4 Red Arrow1 It’s time for upper management to look over there head coach Josh Childress and bring someone new in. Gus Frerotte was picked off 4 times and the team turned the ball over 5 times. You can’t win games or even think of keeping the game close turning the ball over this many times. Up Next: Bye Week
23 Cleveland Browns 2-4 Red Arrow1 Kept their game close against the Redskins, but still lost in a low scoring affair. Up Next: Jacksonville Jaguars
24 Houston Texans 2-4 Green Arrow2 Matt Schaub had a nice day throwing for 267 yards and 2 touchdowns. Lucky for the Texans they got off to an early lead and were able to hold that all game. Winning 28-21. Up Next: Cincinnati Bengals
25 Oakland Raiders 2-4 Green Arrow3 The Raiders held the almighty Jets and there leader Brett Favre in place holding out and winning in overtime 16-13. JaMarcus Russell had a solid game throwing for 0 interceptions. He continues to mature game by game. Up Next: Baltimore Ravens
26 St Louis Rams 2-4 Green Arrow3 Fire the coach and win back to back games, thats the trend here for the Rams. The Rams have now gone back to back weeks beating the Redskins and now “God’s Team” the Dallas Cowboys. I guess a change at the coaching position was needed for the Rams. Nice Job! Up Next: New England Patriots
27 Miami Dolphins 1-5 Red Arrow4 Ronnie Brown was held to only 27 total rushing yards and Chad Pennington threw for 295 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception. The Dolphins are slowly coming back down to reality, after a couple of early season wins. Up Next: Buffalo Bills
28 San Francisco 49ers 2-5 Red Arrow3 Mike Nolan was supposed to be fired after next weeks game, it turns out the 49ers didn’t want to wait any longer. They fired him a week earlier. Up Next: Seattle Seahawks
29 Seattle Seahawks 1-5 Red Arrow2 The Seahawks came into Tampa Bay knowing they were far from winning this game. they lost 20-10. Up Next: San Francisco 49ers
30 Kansas City Chiefs 1-5 Another week, another day, another game, another loss. The trend continues for the Kansas City Chiefs. Up Next: New York Jets
31 Cincinnati Bengals 0-7 If I were a Bengals fan I would ask to forfeit the season. Up Next: Houston Texans
32 Detroit Lions 0-6 0-16 may be possible for this team. Up Next: Washington Redskins

Be sure to check back next week with our NFL Power Rankings for week 9.

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