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NBA Power Rankings: Week 1

by: AnthonyP On  Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Boston Celtics Champions

Week: | Pre – 1|

Total Pro Sports – Welcome to our first week of my NBA power rankings. Nothing unexpected has changed the top 5 still include the Boston Celtics, New Orleans Hornets, LA Lakers, Houston Rockets, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

A team that we see making a huge run this season are the Toronto Raptors, if they can stay healthy they will fight for an Eastern Conference Championship. Look for the “New Twin Towers” and Jose Calderon to lead the team deep into the season.

NBA Power Rankings Movers And Shakers

Red ArrowGreen ArrowThere was no Movers or Shakers, as this is our first week publishing the NBA power rankings. In next weeks addition of the power rankings, you will be sure to see some crazy movement as teams begin to find their stride.

Lets take a look at the rest of the league: NBA Power Rankings for pre-season and Week 1.

Rank Team Rec PRV Comment
1 Boston Celtics 2-1 - KG and the gang appear to be motivated to try and become a dynasty. They will miss Posey off the bench, but they are the favorites to repeat early on.
2 New Orleans Hornets 3-0 - The addition of James Posey makes this team lethal. This team has so many options, it’s going to be a tough task for Byron Scott to keep them all happy. Look for them to become the new main power in the west. They were undefeated in the pre-season, which wins them nothing, but looks good going into the season.
3 LA Lakers 3-0 - I personally think they overpaid Bynum with the extension they gave him this past week, but when your thinking of having Lamar Odom come off the bench, you know your a good team. If Bynum and Kobe can prove to work well together, look for them to do big things in the coming years.
4 Houston Rockets 3-0 - This is a high ranking for them, but adding Ron Artest could prove to be a huge move. At the same time injuries to Yao or T-Mac can derail their chances, or if Artest proves to be a problem child, they could slide way down.
5 Cleveland Cavaliers 1-2 - On paper they are a strong team, but alot of questions with this team. How will Mo Williams fit into the offense? Can big Z remain healthy? Can Lebron carry a team to a title?
6 San Antonio Spurs 0-2 - Still a threat for a championship, but they are one year older and one has to think that eventually their age will catch up with them.
7 Detroit Pistons 2-0 - They lose a floor leader in Chauncey Billups, who is going home, he’s a Denver native and played at University of Colorado. AI will want to put up numbers for one more big contract. Two questions here. Can Rodney Stuckey be the floor general for this team, and how the hell does Rookie Coach “Michael Curry” keep both AI and Sheed from poisoning that locker room?
8 Utah Jazz 2-0 - Deron Williams, Andrei Kirilenko, Carlos Boozer and Mehmet Okur. These 4 on a roster and yet the Jazz are just over 4 million under the luxury tax. Great contract and management work has been done, and with Jerry Sloan calling the shots, they have a chance to upset a team or two. Maybe this is the year Sloan finally wins coach of the year.
9 Phoenix Suns 2-1 - O’Neil is not the threat he once was, but he still commands respect in the post. The window for Steve Nash to lead a team to a championship is fading, and injuries are always a concern with a player who runs like he does. I’d say if they are to win a championship with this group, it has to be this year.
10 Toronto Raptors 3-0 - The acquisition of Jermaine O’Neil’s has so far proved to help in so many ways. It’s taken the pressure off Andrea Bargnani, he has shown to help defensively and his presence down low frees up open shots for Calderon, Kapono and Parker. Look for this team to surprise allot of people with how well they work together this year.
11 Philadelphia 76ers 1-2 - Stealing Elton Brand from the Clippers was huge. The dept down low is there and they have a good young nucleus to go with the wily veterans they have.
12 Orlando Magic 1-2 - Dwight Howard is a beast and will get better and better. They lack depth but have a strong starting 5. Look for JJ Redick to be traded sometime this year.
13 Portland Trailblazers 1-2 - Greg Oden still hasn’t played a full NBA game, but even when he does get healthy remember that he’s a 20 year old rookie whose had injuries the past 3 years. He’s going to have a rough year, but Portland has got a great patch of young players that will help them get into the playoffs.
14 Denver Nuggets 1-2 - Last year George Karl decided he was to lax on his veterans and vowed to be tougher on them this year. Not sure its going to work with these guys, but it’s worth a shot. They don’t play defense and losing Marcus Camby is going to be huge. Chauncey Billiups should help the defensive end, look for McDyess to be waived and join the Pistons in a month, “a la Brent Barry”.
15 L.A. Clippers 0-3 - I really like this team, at least enough that I think they can squeak into the playoffs. Kaman and Camby working together should be interesting, if it works, there could be both LA teams in the playoffs.
16 Dallas Mavericks 1-1 - This is the year the Mavs severely falter. I don’t see this team making the playoffs. The Jason Kidd trade was a huge mistake. Head coach, Rick Carlisle has one helluva job ahead of him.
17 Bucks 2-2 - This team has the talent to make the playoffs. Joe Alexander is a project who could prove to be an extremely valuable addition in a couple years. Richard Jefferson and Micheal Redd could prove to be a deadly combination as well.
18 Chicago Bulls 2-1 - Derrick Rose is going to lead this team for the long term. Ben Gordon is gone after this year, and I see him possibly getting traded during the year. Luol Deng is going to have to prove he’s worth that big Contract and hopefully Joakim Noah doesn’t anger the veterans again this year.
19 Washington Wizards 0-2 - Gilbert Areanas injury will prove costly, but Butler and Jamison should be able to carry the load until he returns in the new year.
20 Atlanta Hawks 2-0 - They’ve got a good young nucleus ere with veteran Mike Bibby calling the shots. If they can’t repeat another playoff performance, look for Mike Woodson to get canned.
21 Miami Heat 1-2 - Marion is in a contract year, so look for him to be motivated to have a good season. Dwayne Wade seems to be healthy and if he can stay healthy, the Heat have a real shot at the playoffs and an upset or two. Beasley should have an impact early, maybe another Pat Riley take over around mid season?
22 New Jersey Nets 1-1 - How long will it take until Vince complains and does his baby routine before he gets traded again? There team isn’t horrible, but it’s not that good either. Lawrence Frank is right away on the hot seat.
23 Pacers 1-1 - Danny Granger is turning into a superstar, and is a great player to have has your main piece for rebuilding. They will have money to spend after this year, but really… Who wants to play in Indiana?
24 Timberwolves 1-2 - They have good young pieces but still a couple of years away from contending. Look for sharp shooter Mike Miller to be possibly traded sometime this season.
25 Sacramento Kings 0-3 - Kevin Martin is the one true star on this team, but I don’t think he’s good enough to build a team around. Look for Brad Miller to possibly be traded this season. My thinking is Reggie Theus wishes this team was as good as the Deering High School basketball team was on Hang Time, remember that show?
26 Golden State Warriors 1-2 - They lost out on Baron Davis, Monta Ellis lied about an injury and is now paying back the team some of that new contract he just signed. Chris Mullins is only signed for this year, look for him to join Donnie Walsh next year in New York. This team has serious office turmoil and look for it to affect them this year.
27 Bobcats 1-1 - Larry Brown has already put Sean May on the inactive list for eating all the pies. Adam Morrisonn is back and is hoping to prove why he was picked 3rd overall in 2006. How long will it take until Larry Brown Chirps his players in the media, and leaves town?
28 New York Knicks 1-2 - Stephan Marbury is sitting, not playing and is being paid over 21 million dollars to do so. Eddy Curry is also sitting at the end of the bench. In fact, the Knicks bench and inactive players are making over 60 million dollars this year, which is more than 6 teams salaries.
29 Memphis Grizlies 1-2 - Good young nucleus, but they are still awhile away from contending. Marc Gasol looks like a nice pick up, at least they got something for Pau Gasol.
30 Oklahoma Thunder 1-2 - Look for Kevin Durant to improve on his rookie numbers, and improve the Thunder.

Be sure to check back next week with our NBA Power Rankings for week 2.