NFL Power Rankings: Week 9

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Total Pro Sports – Can the Titans go perfect on the season?  They are 8-0 so far and are half way there.

How bout them Dolphins?????????? That’s right the Dolphins continue to improve each week.  The combination of Chad Pennington, Ronnie Brown and Ted Ginn Jr, make a lethal combination on the field to match up with.

NFL Power Rankings Movers And Shakers

Red ArrowThe biggest shaker this week was the New England Patriots losing to the Colts, which saw them drop 8 spots to #14. Did you ever think the Patriots would be ranked #14 this season?  This is what happens when you lose your Pro Bowl quarterback for the whole season.

The Dallas Cowboys were the second biggest loser of the week losing 7 spots to #15, after loosing to the surging New York Giants. Do you see the trend here with the Patriots? No QB, an increase of loses in the loss column.

Green ArrowThe biggest mover of the week were the Miami Dolphins and the New York jets who both jumped 7 spots to #17 and #10 respectively. The Dolphins won a tough game in Denver against the Broncos and move to .500 on the season.

The New York Jets won a huge division game against the Buffalo Bills.  What happened to the Bills? The bills were 4-0 at one point in the season, and now have lost 3-4.

Lets take a look at the rest of the league: NFL Power Rankings for week 9.

Rank Team Rec PRV Comment
1 Tennessee Titans 8-0 Of their 8 wins, the most impressive was this week against the Packers. No the Titans did not blow the Packers out, what they managed was to show the NFL they can grind out wins as well. Up Next: Chicago Bears
2 New York Giants 7-1 Their defense is not missing Umenyiora one bit, that is in large part to the play of Justin Tuck. Eli Manning did not look great against the undermanned Cowboys turning the ball over numerous times. Up Next: Philadelphia Eagles
3 Pittsburgh Steelers 6-2 The Steelers did not miss a beat without Roethlisberger in the second half as Byron Leftwich played even better. The defense continues to get it done every year, what a genious Dick LaBeau is. Up Next: Indianapolis Colts
4 Carolina Panthers 6-2 Green Arrow1 Bye Week. Up Next: Oakland Raiders
5 Washington Redskins 6-3 Red Arrow1

What happened to the offense on Monday night? Jason Campbell was not able to find anyone open all night especially his favorite target Santana Moss. The Redskins were simply over matched this week. Up Next: Bye

6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-3 Green Arrow3

In a game they should have lost, they squeaked out a close one against the lowly Chiefs in Overtime. Up Next: Bye

7 Arizona Cardinals 5-3 Green Arrow5

The Cardinals smashed the Rams 34-13, lead by Kurt Warner passing for (23-34, 342), and T. Hightower rushing for (22-109). Up Next: San Francisco 49ers

8 Philadelphia Eagles 5-3 Green Arrow3

Donovan McNabb had a huge game going (28-43, 349) against the Seahawks, winning an easy one 26-7. Up Next: New York Giants

9 Atlanta Falcons 5-3 Green Arrow5

Did you think the Falcons would lose to the Raiders?  A high school football team could beat the Raiders.  The Falcons won an easy one 24-0. Up Next: New Orleans Saints

10 New York Jets 5-3 Green Arrow7

The Jets are now 5-3 after a huge win on the road against division rivals Buffalo Bills.   Up Next: St. Louis Rams

11 Chicago Bears 5-3 Red Arrow1

Kyle Orton goes down and Rex Grossman comes in to lead the team to victory in the dying minutes of the game.  Who becomes the starting QB when Orton comes back? Up Next: Tennessee Titans

12 Buffalo Bills 5-3 Red Arrow5 What is going wrong in Buffalo after starting the season 4-0 the Bills magical season has unraveled with losses in 3 out 4. The Bills will be fine if they don’t have to play teams from within the division. Up Next: New England Patriots
13 Baltimore Ravens 5-3 Green Arrow3

The Ravens fans are loving their #1 quarter back Joe Flacco, he lead the Ravens again this week to a win over the Browns.  This kid is a keeper, look for Flacco and the Ravens to continue to improve each week. Up Next: Houston Texans

14 New England Patriots 5-3 Red Arrow8

The up and down season continues for the New England Patriots after falling to the Colts this week. Adam Viniateri stung his former team hitting the game winning field goal. Up Next: Buffalo Bills

15 Dallas Cowboys 5-4 Red Arrow7

Dallas just looks awful, they better hope Tony Romo comes back soon. Up Next: Bye

16 Green Bay Packers 4-4 Red Arrow3

Green Bay is for real!! Even though they lost in over time, they put up a tough fight with the #1 ranked team Tennessee Titans Up Next: Minnesota Vikings

17 Miami Dolphins 4-4 Green Arrow7

The Dolphins are now .500 after going into Denver and beating up on the Broncos. Chad Pennington, Ronnie Brown and Ted Ginn Jr are clicking on all cylinders. Up Next: Seattle Seahawks

18 Indianapolis Colts 4-4 Green Arrow3

The Colts win a game then lose a game.  Do you think they can ever find their stride and make a Playoff berth? We don’t think so.  Up Next: Pittsburgh Steelers

19 New Orleans Saints 4-4 Red Arrow1

A week Off Up Next: Atlanta Falcons

20 Minnesota Vikings 4-4 Green Arrow2

The Vikings absolutely dominated the Texans this past week.  Lead by their star Adrian Peterson rushing for (25-139) and 1 touchdown.  If “AP” can rush like this every week they will fight for a win every game. Up Next: Green Bay Packers

21 Denver Broncos 4-4 Red Arrow6

What has happened to the Broncos? They lose another one to the surging Miami Dolphins and keep sliding in our rankings. Up Next: Cleveland Browns

22 San Diego Chargers 3-5 Red Arrow2

A Week Off Up Next: Kansas City Chiefs

23 Jacksonville Jaguars 3-5 Red Arrow4

Whats going on with the Jaguars? A pre-season favorite to make it to the Super Bowl, the Jags lost again and now look like a team who could win a top 5 draft pick in next years draft.  Up Next: Detroit Lions

24 Cleveland Browns 3-5 Red Arrow1

We all thought the Browns would be .500 after this past week.  We were wrong and they fall 2 games below .500 after losing to the Ravens. Up Next: Denver Broncos

25 Houston Texans 3-4 The Texans lose to the Vikings and lose there starting QB Matt Schaub. Up Next: Baltimore Ravens
26 St Louis Rams 2-6 The Rams lost again, Surprising?????? Up Next: New York Jets
27 Seattle Seahawks 2-6 After beating up on the 49ers last week, the Eagles beat up on the them this week. Change is needed in Seattle. Up Next: Miami Dolphins
28 Oakland Raiders 2-6 A high school football team could beat the Raiders!!!!! Up Next: Carolina Panthers
29 San Francisco 49ers 2-6 A week off. Up Next: Arizona Cardinals
30 Cincinnati Bengals 1-8 Green Arrow1

Did you ever think that the Bengals would win their first game 9 games in?  We didn’t, the Bengals beat the Jags 21-19. Up Next: Bye

31 Kansas City Chiefs 1-7 Red Arrow1 A game in which the Chiefs should have won, they lose in blow up in the dying minutes and lose in over time. Up Next: San Diego Chargers
32 Detroit Lions 0-8 0-8, the Lions continue to go perfect on the season. Up Next: Jacksonville Jaguars

Be sure to check back next week with our NFL Power Rankings for week 10.

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