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NBA Power Rankings: Week 2

by: AnthonyP On  Tuesday, November 11, 2008
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Total Pro Sports – For the second straight week the Boston Celtics are #1 in our weekly NBA Power Rankings. Look for them to stay #1 for most of the season as the Big Three look to go on to win their 2nd championship.

If anyone is surprised the Atlanta Hawks are 5-0, with a leader on the point in Mike Bibby the Hawks can finally spread the ball around and compete with every team in the NBA. Go Hawks!!!

NBA Power Rankings Movers And Shakers

Green ArrowOur biggest movers this week in our NBA Power Rankings, were the Atlanta Hawks and the New York Knicks both moving up 13 spots in the power rankings. Surprising or what?

The Atlanta Hawks moved to #7 from previously #20. The Hawks have a perfect record so far and are playing like a well rounded team. Look for them continue with their winning ways.

“Atlanta fans the losing season will finally come to end, you finally have a team that can compete on a nightly basis, congratulation’s.”

The New York Knicks from #28 to #15. The Knicks finally have a winning record and look to continue with their winning ways. But knowing the Knicks they’ll probably crumble a quarter of the season in.

Red ArrowOur biggest shakers this week in our NBA Power Rankings for week 2 were three teams losing 10 spots in the power rankings.

The San Antonio Spurs are struggling they dropped from #6 to #16. With the recent loss to Tony Parker the Spurs are in deep trouble.

The Clippers went from #15 to #25 and the Washington Wizards went from #19 to #29.

Lets take a look at the rest of the league: NBA Power Rankings for Week 2.

Rank Team Rec PRV Comment
1 Boston Celtics 6-1 - They completely manhandled Detroit on Sunday with the Big Three combining for only 32 points. So far The Celtics bench is making them forget about James Posey. They are getting solid contributions from Tony Allen, Glen Davis, Eddie House and Leon Powe. Rajon Rondo is looking better every game. There looking great so far.
2 LA Lakers 5-0 Green Arrow1 The Lakers are also looking as dominant as last year. They crushed the Rockets on Sunday, beating a team that matches up with them well. Odom is looking good, and all the pieces are working well together. I see them as a prime example of a team that has great chemistry because of few changes over the last couple years other than Pau Gasol, continuity is working well for these guys.
3 Utah Jazz 5-1 Green Arrow5 Love the quartet they have. Tough first loss against the Knicks this past weekend, they really shouldn’t lose to a team like that. I like the fact that Carlos Boozer is a free agent after this year. It will help the Jazz win this year, as he will be motivated by a big pay day. What I don’t like is the Jazz chances of signing him long term after this year. Did you know most beer in Utah is under 3%, definitely not a place to go for a good night out.
4 Cleveland Cavaliers 5-2 Green Arrow1 They have won 4 straight and they are rolling. LBJ is doing what he does best and that’s scoring, having had two games of 41 points. Mo Williams is settling in nicely as the complimentary scorer, and needs to keep it up. If LBJ can keep his numbers, averaging almost a triple double a game, look for the Cavs to stay in the top 5 of these power rankings for a long time.
5 Phoenix Suns 5-2 Green Arrow4 I love what the Suns are doing. O’Neal is not the force he once was, but by resting him every so often this season they are keeping him fresh and loose for when it really matters. He’s averaging close to 15 points and 8 rebounds a game, exactly what they need. Amare has been a force so far, don’t count them out yet, they might not be that old.
6 New Orleans Hornets 4-2 Red Arrow4 This team has so many options for scoring its ridiculous. 9 players on their team have at least one season in the NBA averaging over 10 points a game and many of them have had multiple double digit scoring years, and so far 4 of them are this year. Tyson Chandler is setting the tone on the defensive end, averaging 2.5 blocks a game. I love this team.
7 Atlanta Hawks 5-0 Green Arrow13 A high ranking for this team, but maybe its finally come the time that we respect this group of young players. The loss of Josh Smith to injury could be a big setback for this team. Joe Johnson is shooting the lights out and I’ve like Mike Bibby ever since his Vancouver Grizzly days.
8 Detroit Pistons 4-2 Red Arrow1 Two games with Allen Iverson, and two losses for Detroit. The Pistons got killed by the Celtics on Sunday showing that the Celts are still the class of the conference. 50 Cent lookalike Rodney Stuckey is looking good. I find this team is deeper then the Raptors were yesterday and then have much more talent when it comes to the starting 5. I really like Amir Johnson, give him a couple years.
9 Houston Rockets 4-3 Red Arrow5 They got killed by the Lakers, but it’s one out of 82 and I still really like this team. The scoring is very balanced so far which will keep everybody happy, especially Mr. Artest. There defence has been better than what I expected. If they can keep that going and build on their team chemistry remember this…. Defence wins Championships.
10 Toronto Raptors 4-2 - After 3 straight wins, they came back to earth with 2 losses. Andrea Bargnani is fitting in nicely as the 3rd big man off the bench. I really like what I’m seeing out of him. He could still get a few more rebounds but give him a few more weeks before we past judgment. Jermaine O’Neal is having a hard time fitting into the offense and his defence has been not as good as expected, but give him more time to settle in.
11 Orlando Magic 4-2 Green Arrow1 Dwight Howard is simply a beast. How else do you explain 22 points a game, almost 14 rebounds a game as well as 4 blocks, simply outstanding. Off season pickup Mickeal Pitrus is fitting in very nicely. JJ Redick is rusting on the bench, the Redick trade watch is well on its way.
12 Portland Trailblazers 3-3 Green Arrow1 Greg Oden is still feeling soreness in his foot, so he’s still got a couple weeks before we see him again. Brandon Roy and Lamarcus Aldridge are looking great together. I’d like this team more if they added a nice veteran presence, one that could contribute, lets see if it happens
13 Philadelphia 76ers 2-4 Red Arrow2 They may be 2-4 but this team is waaaaaaaaaaaay to talented and deep to stay down for long. Just like Jermaine O’Neal, Elton Brand is going to need time to adjust, not only does he need time, but so do his teammates. Be honest everyone, how many of you knew Thadeus Young was their leading scorer? While on the topic, how many of you who Thadeus Young was?
14 Denver Nuggets 3-3 - You can’t have 2 main scorers and that’s why either Melo or AI had to go. This team is much more rounded than it was before the trade. Billups is already looking good in Denver, and should be more comfortable now playing in front of friends and family. Nene is looking good, it’s great to see that he’s fully recovered from his health issues of old. Give this team time to adjust to the big trade.
15 New York Knicks 4-2 Green Arrow13 Now I like D’Antoni as a coach, but I can’t give him total credit for this great start. Firstly I think what were seeing is that, the Knicks aren’t as bad as this team has played in years passed. I was amazed today to see how much Zach Randolph is running, he’s looking great out there. Maybe it’s for trade value, or maybe D’Antoni has really motivated him, regardless, the Knicks don’t look too bad so far.
16 San Antonio Spurs 1-4 Red Arrow10 How the mighty have fallen. They are looking old and terrible, and got really man handled by the Suns. They’ve now lost Tony Parker for a month which could be a nightmare. I’ve heard whispers that they are interested in Starbury now that Parker is gone. This is the one team that could keep him in check, but i don’t know if it’s enough.
17 Chicago Bulls 3-4
Green Arrow1 Can anybody tell Ben Gordon is playing on a one year deal? Anybody tell that Luol Deng is signed long term? It’s still early but this looks like the classic case of one player eager and hungry to get his, and one player who has it ($$$$) and is now coasting. Derrick Rose is looking great so far, he’s making mistakes, but so far so good for rookie Coach Vinnie Del Negro.
18 Miami Heat 3-3
Green Arrow3 There’s no way the Heat were going to be as bad as last years team, there was simply too much talent on the team. Add Beasley into the mix and they are looking even better, he’s scoring and getting a decent number of rebounds, look for him and Derrick Rose to duke it out for Rookie of the year, With Marc Gasol as the dark horse. If I’m the Heat, I am looking at trading Marion sooner rather than later, before he loses more trade value. His numbers early on aren’t good.
19 Dallas Mavericks 2-4 Red Arrow3 They gave the Clippers their first win of the season on Sunday, and didn’t look good doing it. Howard has got an injury which doesn’t help and is just me or is Dirk Nowitski just not a championship leader whatsoever. Jason Kidd hasn’t looked too bad, but once again I will say this. I don’t see this team making the playoffs, maybe, just maybe, sneaking in.
20 Bucks 3-4 Red Arrow3 Although he really didn’t want to go to Milwaukee Richard Jefferson, you have to commend him in this day and age when he’s not dogging it in Milwaukee, he’s playing well so far and is trying hard along with Micheal Redd to help this team reach the playoffs.
21 Memphis Grizlies 3-4
Green Arrow8 Marc Gasol is looking like a solid pickup, and has proved to be strong in his first year. Rudy Gay is leading this team in scoring and is looking more and more like a guy you build your team around. Add OJ Mayo and his great start to his career and things are looking rosy in the town that the KING built.
22 Golden State Warriors 2-5 Green Arrow4 I really like this team, even with all the turmoil they have. Al Harrington wants out and I hear that maybe Gerald Wallace or Eddie Curry, which neither would fit with this club. Andris Biedrins is putting up unreal numbers, rebounding like he was born to do it. They have a really young team and some nice pieces, I really like Azubuike, let’s see if they can put it all together.
23 New Jersey Nets 2-3 Red Arrow1 A nice home win against the Pistons, especially in AI’s debut. Devin Harris is the future of this franchise and he’s having a solid opening to the season. They are hoping Vince keeps putting up numbers, he will be nice trade bait down the line. Yi Jianlian is improving in his second year, I really like him. Not a bad team.
24 Sacramento Kings 3-4 Green Arrow1 Don’t know how this team is 3-4 so far this year, I really think there a bad team. They have nice pieces in Mikki Moore and a borderline franchise player in Kevin Martin, I see them sinking soon
25 L.A. Clippers 1-6 Red Arrow10 I still really like this team, even though they are 1-6. They’ve played some tough teams to start the season, but got a nice win on Sunday against the Mavericks. I look for them to move up in the Power rankings in the weeks to come.
26 Bobcats 2-4 Green Arrow1 They aren’t a good team, but they are gritty and giving teams a tough time. Larry Brown has to wonder what he got himself into, Anyone want to take a bet that he leaves after the first year?
27 Pacers 2-3 Red Arrow4 Danny Granger is averaging over 26 points a game, he is carrying this team. TJ Ford is loving life out their, he doesn’t have to pass now because they don’t have the weapons the Raptors had so he’s trigger happy.
28 Timberwolves 1-5
Red Arrow4 A young team that is going to struggle this year. Al Jefferson is looking good so far, Kevin Love so far has been solid, and is looking good in his first year. Mike Miller is doing exactly what is asked which is keep up your career numbers so we can get a good return for you in a trade.
29 Washington Wizards 0-5
Red Arrow10 Injuries are killing this team. By the time Gilbert Arenas is ready to return I think even in the east, they won’t have a shot at the playoffs. Nick Young in his second season is looking explosive, averaging over 15 points a game. He is definitely a nice surprise, but lets see if those numbers keep up when Arenas is back.
30 Oklahoma Thunder 1-5
- A great article at ESPN on how the city of Seattle is having a horrible year, sports wise. In my opinion Oklahoma City isn’t a city, but unfortunately David Stern will put a team anywhere as long as he gets his. Kevin Durant hasn’t looked great so far.

Be sure to check back next week with our NBA Power Rankings for week 3.