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NFL Power Rankings: Week 10

by: DanD On  Wednesday, November 12, 2008
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Total Pro Sports – The Titans win again and now 9-0 is a perfect season in their range. A tough match up this weekend in Jacksonville against the Jaguars.

We love the Miami Dolphins this year, they won again this week and will probably win again next week against the Oakland Raider HC “High School Club”. Look for their record to improve to 6-4.

The Big Three and the Atlanta Falcons continue to impress the NFL, do you think the Falcons fans even remember they had Michael Vick on their team?……….I don’t think so

NFL Power Rankings Movers And Shakers

Red ArrowThe biggest shaker this week were the Philadelphia eagles, which saw them drop 5 spots to #13. The Eagles lost a close won 36-31 to the almighty New York Giants.

The Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints all lose 4 spots in this weeks NFL power rankings.

Green ArrowThe biggest mover this week was the Indianapolis Colts. They Moved up 7 spots to #11, the Colts seem to be back on track with big back to back wins over the New England Patriots and this week against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Lets take a look at the rest of the league: NFL Power Rankings for week 10.

Rank Team Rec PRV Comment
1 Tennessee Titans 9-0 - Still undefeated, still the best team in NFL. They proved this week that they can win games through the air, as well as on the ground. Kerry Collins is strong contender for MVP.Up Next: Jacksonville Jaguars
2 New York Giants 8-1 - Another big win, this time it came on the road against the Philadelphia eagles. The Giants continue to be one of the best road teams in the entire NFL. Up Next: Baltimore Ravens
3 Carolina Panthers 7-2 Green Arrow1 The Panthers looked absolutely horrible against a Raiders team that most people thought they would walk all over. All star receiver Steve Smith managed to get only one catch for 9 yards. They are going to have to play much better than that if they want to make the playoffs. Up Next: Detroit Lions
4 Pittsburgh Steelers 6-3 Red Arrow1 Big Ben did not look like a Super bowl winning quarterback, as he threw 3 pics. Mike Tomlin should strongly consider playing Bryon Leftwhich until Ben can regain his old form. Up Next: San Diego Chargers
5 Washington Redskins 6-3 - A week off Up Next: Dallas Cowboys
6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-3 - A week off Up Next: Minnesota Vikings
7 Atlanta Falcons 6-3 Green Arrow2 Atlanta continues to roll this season with another win. Rookie head coach Mike Smith is a leading candidate for coach of the year and the Falcons could find the. Up Next: Denver Broncos
8 Arizona Cardinals 6-3 Red Arrow1 The Cardinals got lucky to beat the 49ers on Monday night. The defense and special teams gave up some big plays to a struggling team. The Cardinals will have to play better than that if they want to make any noise in the playoffs. Up Next: Seattle Seahawks
9 New York Jets 6-3 Green Arrow1 The Jets destroyed the St. Louis Rams in week 10. Thomas Jones had a huge game with 3 touchdowns and was named Total Pro Sports offensive player of the week. Up Next: New England Patriots
10 New England Patriots 6-3 Green Arrow4 The Patriots will face the Jets this week on Thursday night, in what is an important division game. They got some bad news this week as it was revealed that linebacker Adalius Thomas will miss the rest of the season with a broken forearm Up Next: Buffalo Bills
11 Indianapolis Colts 5-4 Green Arrow7 The Colts won a very close game against the Steelers and look to be back in the wild card race. Manning needed a few lucky bounces in this one to get the job done. They should be able to beat the Texans this week at home. Up Next: Houston Texans
12 Baltimore Ravens 6-3 Green Arrow1 The Ravens are looking better each week, as Joe Flacco continues to develop into a solid player. On the other side of the ball, Ray Lewis is having a great seasons and looks like he is ten years younger Up Next: New York Giants
13 Philadelphia Eagles 5-4 Red Arrow5 The Eagles lost a hard fought game against the Giants on Sunday night. If the Eagles want to win more games they have to give the ball to Brian Westbrook, plain and simple. Up Next: Cincinnati Bengals
14 Miami Dolphins 5-4 Green Arrow3 The team that brought the Wildcat offense to the NFL, used it to perfection this week to help beat the Seahawks. Ricky Williams had his best game of the season rushing for over 100 yards Up Next: Oakland Raiders
15 Chicago Bears 5-4 Red Arrow4 The Bears lost a close game to the Titans, even though they held them to under 30 rushing yards. Chicago needs Kyle Orton to comeback as soon as possible if they want to win the NFC North. Up Next: Green Bay Packers
16 Buffalo Bills 5-4 Red Arrow2 Another division loss for the Bills, their third in a row, means they are in big trouble. Trent Edwards needs to be more consistent and Marshawn Lynch needs to be more productive if the Bills want to save their season. Up Next: Cleveland Browns
17 Dallas Cowboys 5-4 Red Arrow1 A week off Up Next: Washington Redskins
18 Minnesota Vikings 5-4 Green Arrow2 The Vikings haven’t won in Tampa since 1997, there’s a first for everything. Up Next: Tampa bay Bucs
19 Denver Broncos 5-4 Green Arrow2 Jay Cutler had a monster game last week as he helped the Broncos comeback in the fourth quarter against the Browns. If he can continue this up they may win some more games. Up Next: Atlanta Falcons
20 Green Bay Packers 4-5 Red Arrow4 Green Bay lost a close divisional game to the Vikings this week. Their run defense looked soft as Adrian Peterson ran all over them. Even worse for the Packers is that start middle linebacker Nick Barnett will miss the rest of the season. Up Next: Chicago Bears
21 San Diego Chargers 4-5 Green Arrow1 The Chargers squeaked one out against the Chiefs. They better improve on all sides of the field or else they’ll keep falling. Up Next: Pittsburgh Steelers
22 Jacksonville Jaguars 4-5 Green Arrow1 The Jags one a game, the Jags fans can now cheer for something. Up Next: Tennessee Titans
23 New Orleans Saints 4-5 Red Arrow4 The Saints are blowing up as we speak. With all the injuries and Shockey dropping passes, things look bleak in New Orleans. Up Next: Kansas City Chiefs
24 Cleveland Browns 3-6 - The Browns hopes for a playoff berth is now in question. Brady Quinn had a nice game in his first start as an NFL QB. Up Next: Buffalo Bills
25 Houston Texans 3-6 - The Texans need to sit down and re-group. When will they ever be a contender? Up Next: Indianapolis Colts
26 San Francisco 49ers 2-7 Green Arrow3 We all knew this game against the Cardinals was going to be a shootout, but we never expected the game to be this close. 49ers ended up losing. Up Next: St. Louis Rams
27 Seattle Seahawks 2-7 - A close game against Miami but did you really think they would win? Up Next: Arizona Cardinals
28 St Louis Rams 2-7 Red Arrow2 The Rams lost again, Surprising?????? Up Next: San Francisco 49ers
29 Oakland Raiders 2-7 Red Arrow1 A high school football team could still beat the Raiders!!!!! Up Next: Miami Dolphins
30 Kansas City Chiefs 1-8 Green Arrow1 Boise State went for 2 and won the game…….sorry, the Chiefs went for 2 and lost the game. Fire Edwards. Up Next: New Orleans Saints

31 Cincinnati Bengals 1-8 Red Arrow1 A week Off. Up Next: Philadelphia Eagles
32 Detroit Lions 0-9 - 0-9, the Lions continue to go perfect on the season. Up Next: Carolina Panthers

Be sure to check back next week with our NFL Power Rankings for week 11.