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NFL Power Rankings: Week 12

by: AnthonyP On  Thursday, November 27, 2008
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Total Pro Sports – The Titans finally lost for the first time this season.  They are now 10-1 on the season and move down to the #2 spot in our power rankings.

The New York Jets are for real, they handed the Titans their first loss of the season and finally move into the top 5 of our NFL Power Rankings for the first time this season.  Look for them maybe to move one spot up and finish the season as the 3rd ranked team in the NFL.

A team to watch as the season ends is the Atlanta Falcons, they beat up on division rivals Carolina Panthers this week and continue to improve as the season get older.

NFL Power Rankings Movers And Shakers

Red ArrowThe biggest shaker this week were the Miami Dolphins losing 6 spots from #10 to #16 in the power rankings for week 12.

The second biggest shakers this week were 3 teams the Carolina Panthers, the Arizona Cardinals and the Denver Broncos, losing 4 spots in the rankings.

Green ArrowThe biggest mover this week were the New Orleans Saints moving up 7 spots from #21 to #14, after a big win over the Green Bay Packers

The second biggest mover were the New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears and the Houston Texans all moving up 4 spots in the rankings.

Lets take a look at the rest of the league: NFL Power Rankings for week 12.

Rank Team Record Change Comment
1 New York Giants 10-1 Green Arrow1 The Giants are #1 in our rankings, they look unstoppable, look for this to continue and again find themselves in the Super Bowl again. Up Next: Washington Redskins - Buy Tickets
2 Tennessee Titans 10-1 Red Arrow1 The Titans lose for the first time this season to the New York Jets and drop a spot in the rankings to the New York Giants. Up Next: Detroit Lions - Buy Tickets
3 Pittsburgh Steelers 8-3 Green Arrow1 The Steelers could have started their practice squad and still beat the Bengals this past week. Up Next: New England Patriots - Buy Tickets
4 New York Jets 8-3 Green Arrow3 The Jets handed the Titans their first loss of the season. Do you see what a solid quarterback can do for a team?. Up Next: Denver Broncos - Buy Tickets
5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8-3 - The Bucs had a little scare in the first quarter being down 17-0 but rallied in the second quarter to square 21 consecutive points and hold the Lions off to win the game. Up Next: New Orleans Saints - Buy Tickets
6 Indianapolis Colts 7-4 Green Arrow3 What a game against the Chargers this past week, the Colts squeaked out a last second field goal to beat the Chargers 23-20. Up Next: Cleveland Browns - Buy Tickets
7 New England Patriots 7-4 Green Arrow4 Matt Cassel is looking a lot like Tom Brady what will happen when Tom Brady comes back?  We’ll just have to wait and see.  Pats smash the Fins by 20 points. Up Next: Pittsburgh Steelers - Buy Tickets
8 Carolina Panthers 8-3 Red Arrow5 When will we ever find out if the Panthers are contenders or pretenders?  They are horrible on the road, this has to improve if they want to be considered an elite team in the NFL. Up Next: Green Bay Packers - Buy Tickets
9 Atlanta Falcons 7-4 Green Arrow4 The Falcons looked amazing at home against the Panthers, they win the game 45-28. Up Next: San Diego Chargers - Buy Tickets
10 Dallas Cowboys 7-4 Green Arrow2 Tony Romo is again finding is form helping the Dallas Cowboys beat the lowly San Francisco 49ers. Up Next: Seattle Seahawks - Buy Tickets
11 Arizona Cardinals 7-4 Red Arrow5 The Cardinals tried to keep the game close against the Giants but lost by 8 points 37-29.  Up Next: Philadelphia Eagles - Buy Tickets
12 Washington Redskins 7-4 Red Arrow4 The Redskins struggled to beat a Seahawks team, this can’t continue going into to a playoff run. Up Next: New York Giants - Buy Tickets
13 Baltimore Ravens 7-4 Green Arrow2 The Ravens smashed the Eagles 36-7, with Flacco at the helm the future looks bright for the Ravens. Up Next: Cincinnati Bengals - Buy Tickets
14 New Orleans Saints 6-5 Green Arrow7 The Saints smahed the Packers on Monday Night 51-29.  Drew Brees had a monster game goign for 323 passing yards and 4 touchdowns.. Up Next: Tampa Bay Bucs - Buy Tickets
15 Chicago Bears 6-5 Green Arrow4 The Bears won easliy against the Rams 27-3. Up Next: Minnesota Vikings - Buy Tickets
16 Miami Dolphins 6-5 Red Arrow6 What happened to the Dolphins this week?  They were outplayed By a Patriots team and lost the game 48-28. Up Next: St. Louis Rams - Buy Tickets
17 Buffalo Bills 6-5 Green Arrow1 The Bills finally won…….yaaaay.  But they only beat the Kansas City Chiefs. Up Next: San Francisco 49ers - Buy Tickets
18 Minnesota Vikings 6-5 Green Arrow2 The Vikings move 1 game over .500 after they beat the Jaguars of Jacksonville.. Up Next: Chicago Bears - Buy Tickets
19 Denver Broncos 6-5 Red Arrow5 How do the Broncos get smashed at home against the Raiders??????? Were still trying to figure this out. Up Next: New York Jets - Buy Tickets
20 Philadelphia Eagles 5-5-1 Red Arrow4 BYE BYE Donovan McNabb, his tenure with the Eagles has most likely ended after last weeks loss to the Ravens.  Up Next: Arizona Cardinals - Buy Tickets
21 Green Bay Packers 5-6 Red Arrow4 If the Packers could play a little defense in games they may be able to stay competitive in each game.  They lose to the Saints 51-29. Up Next: Carolina Panthers -
22 Houston Texans 4-7 Green Arrow4 The Texans win a game 14-6 against the Browns, break out the Champagne. Up Next: Jacksonville Jaguars - Buy Tickets
23 San Diego Chargers 4-7 - San Diego’s season is now done after a loss to the Colts 23-20. Up Next: Atlanta Falcons - Buy Tickets
24 Cleveland Browns 4-7 - The Browns lost to the Texans in an exciting game 14-6. Up Next: Indianaplolis Colts - Buy Tickets
25 Jacksonville Jaguars 4-7 Red Arrow3 The Jaguars can’t do nothign right they lose again this time to the Vikings. Up Next: Houston Texans - Buy Tickets
26 San Francisco 49ers 3-8 Red Arrow1 The 49ers only lost by 13 points to the Cowboys this past week. Up Next: Buffalo Bills - Buy Tickets
27 Oakland Raiders 3-8 Green Arrow3 The Raiders absolutley dominated the Broncos in Denver go figure?. Up Next: Kansas City Chiefs - Buy Tickets
28 St Louis Rams 2-9 - The Rams lost again, Surprising?????? I think we will keep this same line here for the rest of the year. Up Next: Miami Dolphins - Buy Tickets
29 Seattle Seahawks 2-9 Red Arrow2 It seems to be a trend for the bottom 5 teams in the rankings they always lose every week.  Seahawks lose to the Redskins by 3. Up Next: Dallas Cowboys - Buy Tickets
30 Cincinnati Bengals 1-9-1 Red Arrow1 Chalk up another loss for the BUNGALS. Up Next: Baltimore Ravens - Buy Tickets
31 Kansas City Chiefs 1-10 - The Chiefs kept their game close this week only losing by 23. Maybe this week they can only lose by 15. Up Next: Oakland Raiders - Buy Tickets
32 Detroit Lions 0-11 - The Lions will go 0-16 and that is amazing, go Lions. Up Next: Tennessee Titans - Buy Tickets

Be sure to check back next week with our NFL Power Rankings for week 13.