Oklahoma Jumps Past Texas In The BCS

Sooners Are Number 1Total Pro Sports – The Oklahoma Sooners have jumped past the Texas Longhorns in the BCS Standings with the inside route to play either The Alabama Crimson Tide or the Florida Gators in the National Championship Game.

The Sooners lost to the Longhorns earlier on in the year in a shootout 45-35, but still edged the Longhorns by a very slim margin in the BCS standings.  The Sooners have a .9351 BCS average and the Texas Longhorns have a BCS average at .9223.

The Sooners will now go on to face the Missouri Tigers in the Big 12 title game next week.  A 3 way tiebreaker forced the league to use the best BCS rating to determine which team would play the Missouri Tigers on Saturday in Kansas City, Mo.  With a win against the Tigers next week the Sooners will be guaranteed a spot in the BCS National Championship Game.

BCS Standings

1 Alabama 0.971
2 Oklahoma 0.935
3 Texas 0.922
4 Florida 0.885
5 USC 0.807
6 Utah 0.784
7 Texas Tech 0.780
8 Penn St. 0.737

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