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NBA Power Rankings: Week 5

by: AnthonyP On  Monday, December 1, 2008

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Total Pro Sports – Well we were wrong a week later, the Boston Celtics have officially lost the #1 spot in this weeks NBA Power Rankings.  Boy did we choke quickly on that prediction.

What else can we say about the Los Angeles Lakers? That they are just amazing.  Having such a talented player like Kobe Bryant and a genius head coach Phil Jackson success is pretty much guaranteed. Do you think they ever miss that day now when SHAQ left? I don’t think so.

NBA Power Rankings Movers And Shakers

Green ArrowOur biggest movers this week in our NBA Power Rankings, were the New Jersey Nets moving up 9 spots in the power rankings, moving from #18 to #9.

The Portland Trail Blazers moved up 5 spots in the rankings from #12 to #17.

Red ArrowOur biggest shakers this week in our NBA Power Rankings for week 5 were the Miami Heat and the Philadelphia 76ers both losing 5 spots in the NBA Power Rankings..

The Miami Heat dropped from #13 to #18 and the Philadelphia 76ers dropped from #17 to #22.

Lets take a look at the rest of the league: NBA Power Rankings for Week 5.

Rank Team Record Previous Comment
1 LA Lakers 14-1 Green Arrow1 Lakers are the new number 1, but don’t read too much into this as the Celtics and them will be neck and neck all year. The Lakers are the deeper team, but he Celtics have the better starting 5. Lakers went 3-0 this week.
2 Boston Celtics
Red Arrow1 Celtics also went 3-0 this week but had a tougher time against their opponent, Only beating the Bobcats by 5. Could one of these two teams win 70 games this year. I could see it happening.
3 Cleveland Cavaliers 14-3 - They’ve won 5 in a row, they are 9-0 at home. They went 4-0 this week and are looking good. I hear whispers Wally Szczerbiak could be on his way out of town to a team looking for cap relief next year ( his 13 million plus contract is off the books next year). I hear possibly Vince Carter or Micheal Redd.
4 Orlando Magic 13-4 - Funny how 3 of the top 4 teams are from the east. Maybe the power shift is actually happening. Magic went 4-0 this week with a nice squeaker win against the 76ers. Howard still is putting up monster numbers, leading the league in both rebounds and blocks per game.
5 Denver Nuggets 12-6 Green Arrow2 This team has a lot of weapons and are playing great with Billups. Lets see if they can build on this 2 game winning streak. Nice win against the Rockets.
6 Detroit Pistons 10-6 Green Arrow5 The Blazers have a better record, but I like Detroit much more. General Manager Joe Dumars and AI joked about his practice news conference when he was with the 76ers. I don’t think Dumars was laughing when the team organized a practice on thanksgiving, specifically to get some practice time for Iverson and his new teammates and he skips it.
7 Portland Trailblazers 12-6 Green Arrow5 They have won 4 in a row and are on a roll. Took care of the Hornets this week which is a huge statement. Can anybody tell me whose leading this team in rebounds with almost 10 a game. Bet nobody could have named Minnesota alumni Joel Przybilla.
8 Utah Jazz 11-7 Red Arrow3 3 teams at 11-7, where do you rank them. Well considering Deron Williams is back, I think the Jazz will be moving up from the 8 spot in the weeks to come. Who knows I also thought the Hornets would never leave the top 5 all season.
9 New Jersey Nets 9-7 Green Arrow9 Don’t look now but the Nets have won 3 in a row, and doing so on the road. After a loss to the Lakers, they have now won in Sacramento, Utah and Phoenix on their road trip. Devin Harris had 47 points on Sunday against the Suns. On Saturday night Jason Kidd had 8 points and 8 assists… Just a thought.
10 Houston Rockets 11-7 Red Arrow4 Not a great week for the Rockets, and things will continue this way if they are not healthy, which T-Mac is not. Nice win against the Spurs, bad loss to the Pacers.
11 Phoenix Suns 11-7 Red Arrow3 Bad loss to the Nets on Sunday, not something they should be doing to a team like that at home. Players on the Suns, namely Amare Stoudamire and Steve Nash, are openly starting to question if the change in offensive style, from an up-tempo to a half court st, was right for this team. Only the playoffs can answer that.
12 Atlanta Hawks 10-6 Red Arrow2 After starting 6-0, they are 4-6 since then, but hanging in tough. It’s funny how things work, Mike Woodson would have been fired if they didn’t make the playoffs last year, in which they just got in. Now barring a sudden big losing streak, he could be the coach for years with this young ball club.
13 New Orleans Hornets 9-6 Red Arrow4 They went 2-1 this week, but should be beating a team like the Trailblazers which they didn’t. They seem to be in cruise control way to early this year. They are not playing motivating basketball.
14 San Antonio Spurs 9-7 Green Arrow2 Ginobilli should be back this week. 3-1 this week, which means they are on the up. Look for them to improve now that Manu is back. But seriously, this is the Spurs, they should not be ranked this low.
15 Dallas Mavericks 8-8 Red Arrow1 They are back to .500 and not looking too bad. Trying to shore up that bench by trading cap friendly Jerry Stackhouse.
16 Toronto Raptors 8-8 Green Arrow4 They are looking average and that is not something you want to see from this team. Just like Lebron, CB4 wants a contender here if he is too stay. Right now, its not looking that nice. Heard a rumor that the Raptors are interested in Shawn Marion. Wouldn’t put it passed Bryan Colangelo to do it. Check out my article on the Bryan Colangelo era.
17 New York Knicks 8-8
Red Arrow2 David Lee had a huge game this week getting over 30 points and 20 rebounds in the same game. Look for Starbury to be bought out this week, released, waived or asked to stay home. Flip Saunders, Mike D’Antoni, Larry Brown Isiah Thomas and Mike D’Antoni again. Is there every going to be a coach that Starbury will get along with, or maybe he might realize sometime soon he’s the problem… doubtful at best.
18 Miami Heat 8-9
Red Arrow5 They have had pretty good teams in South Florida the past 13 odd years, yet the stands are always empty. Got to put Miami up there with Atlanta as one of the worst Sports towns in the States. At least they have better attendance numbers then the Marlins.
19 Chicago Bulls 8-9 Green Arrow2 Nice win over the Jazz as well as taking out the 76ers. Derrick Rose is getting more and more Comfortable in the NBA, while Luol Deng is continuously looking soft and comfortable collecting that pay check.
20 Pacers 6-10 Green Arrow3 Nice win over the Rockets this week. They have loads of money coming off the books this summer. Can they find the help Danny Granger needs?
21 Bucks 7-12
Red Arrow2 Tough week for the Bucks this week, taking on the Magic, Hawks, Cavs and Pistons. All losses but all fairly tight games. They will have a better week this week.
22 Philadelphia 76ers 7-10 Red Arrow5 4 straight losses for this team is unacceptable, it shouldn’t happen with all the talent they have on this team. Losing to the Bobcats is brutal. Elton Brand has taking over the scoring lead for this team, but if they are to be successful, Iguodala needs to become an elite player once again.
23 Bobcats 5-11 Green Arrow4 A nice win this week over the 76ers, and also played tough this week. DJ Augustin is starting is not news worthy, but him starting and getting important minutes for coach Larry Brown is something special. He’s usually tough on young guys and doesn’t play them much, shows how much he likes him. I love Adam Morrison, being a Gonzaga fan, but it looks like he needs a change of scenery. JRICH could also be on the move before the deadline.
24 Timberwolves 4-11 - They lost the games they were suppose to, Suns and Nuggets, and won the game they were suppose to, the Thunder.
25 Sacramento Kings 5-14 - So last week I said the Kings should lose all the games last week that they had, and well they did. I expect them to lose the two games they have this week as well, against the Jazz and Nuggets.
26 L.A. Clippers 3-13 Green Arrow2 How times have not changed in the past 30 years. The Lakers are at the top of the power rankings and the Clippers are at the bottom. I didn’t really understand the trade for another starting Big Man. You got to think penny pinching owner Donald Sterling will unload one of them before the year is done.
27 Golden State Warriors 5-12 Red Arrow1 They have also lost 6 straight and I can’t keep making excuses for this team, even though I like them. The extension for Stephen Jackson is a little confusing, but so is letting the coach become the General Manager while awkwardly waiting for a team legend to just leave. Chris Mullins, don’t worry, Donnie Walsh in New York can’t wait to have you.
28 Memphis Grizlies 4-13
Red Arrow2 They are only ahead of the bottom two teams because they are tied with those two teams combined in wins. At least they are developing young talent.
29 Washington Wizards 2-12
- Now the Wizards and Thunder have both the same amount of wins, with the Thunder having won their last game. You may ask why aren’t they ahead of the Wizards this week. The reason being is the Thunder have played 4 more games then the Wiz, so the Wiz theoretically have 4 games to get won win more then the thunder.
30 Oklahoma Thunder 2-16
- They play in one of the biggest bush league cities in pro sports and they have the worst nickname in the history of the NBA so obviously they belong at the bottom of these power rankings. I am really hoping one week I can put them 24th or better… honestly, that would be awesome.

Be sure to check back next week with our NBA Power Rankings for week 6.