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College Football Power Rankings: Week 14

by: AnthonyP On  Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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Total Pro Sports – As the College football season comes close to an end, the Crimson Tide still remain the undisputed No. 1 team and a perfect record in our College Football Power Rankings for week 14.

The Alabama Crimson Tide will face the Florida Gators in the SEC Championship Game, hosted in Atlanta Georgia this week, a true test for both teams.  You can be sure that if the Crimson Tide hold off the Gators they will be playing for the National Championship.

Again controversy is around the BCS standings and how the Oklahoma Sooners just barely edged out the Texas Longhorns.  The Sooners have a .9351 BCS average and the Texas Longhorns have a BCS average at .9223 boy that was close.  The Sooners now have the inside track to play either the Alabama Crimson Tide or the Florida Gators in the National Championship Game, if they can beat the Missouri Tigers in the Big 12 Title Game this upcoming week.

College Football Power Rankings Movers And Shakers

Green ArrowOur biggest movers this week in our College FOOTBALL Power Rankings, were the Oregon Ducks moving up 7 spots in the College Rankings.  The jumped from #22 to #15.

The second biggest mover were the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets moving up 6 spots in the rankings from number #20 to #14.

Red ArrowOur biggest shakers this week in our college Football Power Rankings for week 14 were 2 teams who both fell 8 spots in the rankings.  The Missouri Tigers fell from #13 to #21 and the Oregon State Beavers who fell from #17 to #25 in this weeks power rankings

The second biggest shaker this week in our rankings were the Oklahoma State Cowboys losing 5 spots moving to #19.

Lets take a look at this weeks COLLEGE FOOTBALL POWER RANKINGS for week 14.

Rank Team Record Previous Comment

Alabama Crimson Tide

12-0 - The Crimson Tide have set themselves up for something very special. A win against the Gators next week in the SEC Championship game and they will be smelling oranges. Up Next: Florida Gators - Buy Tickets
2 Florida Gators 11-1 - Can anyone slow down this Gator offense? They have dominated every opponent except one this season and may get to see the toughest defense yet next week. Up Next: Alabama Crimson Tide - Buy Tickets

Oklahoma Sooners

11-1 - What a season for the Sooners, the offense has made it look easy all season long and for that reason may get rewarded by the BCS ranking system in terms of ‘style points’. Up Next: Missouri Tigers - Buy Tickets

Texas Longhorns

11-1 - Well Texas will not be happy when the BCS system picks Oklahoma to play in the Big 12 Championship game next Saturday. There is no doubt that the Longhorns have a case but until the system is revised we will continue to see these cases develop. Up Next: N/A – Buy Tickets

Penn State Lions

11-1 - Season complete. Up Next: N/A Buy Tickets


11-1 Green Arrow1 The Trojans had one slip up all season, that came early against the Beavers, however, the Trojans should be very grateful to the other team in the State of Oregon. The Ducks upset the Beavers this week to give the Trojans yet another PAC 10 Championship and a Rose Bowl ticket. Up Next: N/A – Buy Tickets

Texas Tech Red Raiders

11-1 Red Arrow1

The Red Raiders overcame some injury issues in their game this week against the Baylor Bears and required a huge second half comeback to keep their conference championship hopes alive. Up Next: N/A – Buy Tickets

8 Utah Utes 12-0 - Season complete. Next: N/A Buy Tickets
9 Bosie State Broncos 12-0 - The Bronco’s have completed another undefeated season, the third time in four years to be exact. What will the BCS think of them? They did all they could to impress the system, scoring 48 second half points in a rout of the Bulldogs. Up Next: N/A – Buy Tickets

Ohio State Buckeyes

10-2 - Season complete. Up Next: N/A Buy Tickets
11 Cincinnati 10-2 - The Bearcats are headed to a BCS Bowl game, what a dramatic season for the Bearcats in only their fourth season in the Big East, the become conference champions. Up Next: Hawaii Warriors - Buy Tickets


10-2 -

Season complete. Up Next: N/A Buy Tickets


Ball State

12-0 Green Arrow3 The Cardinal are one game away from completing their first undefeated season in school history. They have their highest ranking ever, they feature an offense that is very diverse and should be invited to play in a respectable bowl game. Up Next: Buffalo Bulls – Buy Tickets

Georgia Tech

9-3 Green Arrow6 The Yellow Jackets pulled one out of a hat this week, their rushing attack was too much for the Bulldogs to overcome as they beat Georgia for the first time since 2000. Up Next: N/A – Buy Tickets

Oregon Ducks

9-3 Green Arrow7 The Ducks end the season in style winning 5 out of 6 and taking the ‘Civil War’ from the Beavers. The Ducks managed a respectable year considering they played most of it without their top 2 quarterbacks. Up Next: N/A – Buy Tickets


10-2 Green Arrow2 Season complete. Up Next: N/A – Buy Tickets
17 Georgia Bulldogs 9-3 Red Arrow2 To say that the Bulldogs had a disappointing year is a massive understatement. The Bulldogs opened the season ranked No. 1 overall in the country. Up Next: Oregon Ducks – Buy Tickets

Pittsburgh Panthers

8-3 NR Future NFL’er LeSean McCoy has a great season for the Panthers, they have had some notable victories this year but it’s been their inconsistency that has kept them out of the mix. Up Next: Connecticut Huskies Buy Tickets
19 Oklahoma State 9-3 Red Arrow5 The Cowboys should be happy with their 9 win season, they came in with no expectations but have now opened the eyes of the powerhouses in the Big 12. Next Up: N/A  – Buy Tickets

Virginia Tech

8-4 NR They have earned a spot in the ACC Championship game, in a conference that has more or less resembled a circus all season, the Hockies may find themselves in a BCS Bowl game. Up Next: Boston College Eagles  – Buy Tickets
21 Missouri Tigers 9-3 Red Arrow8 The Tigers didn’t quiet have the season they envisioned, but they will be playing in the Big 12 Championship and if they can somehow pull off the upset they could find themselves in a BCS Bowl game. Up Next: Oklahoma Sooners - Buy Tickets

Boston College

8-3 NR There has been no team in the ACC that has stood out amongst the rest but Boston College may arguably been the most consistent. Up Next: Virginia Tech Hockies - Buy Tickets

Ole Miss

8-4 Green Arrow2 Houston Nutt’s first season has been a success at Ole Miss. They had some impressive victories this season and Mississippi should build on their 8 win season next year. Up Next: N/A – Buy Tickets
24 Michigan State Spartans 9-3 - Season complete. Up Next: N/A Buy Tickets

Oregon State Beavers

8-4 Red Arrow8 What a dagger to the hearts of Beaver fans. They were expecting nothing less than an invitation to the Rose Bowl, only to have their dreams shattered by rival Oregon. Up Next: N/A – Buy Tickets

Honorable Mention: Boston College, Northwestern, Iowa, Maryland, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Miami-Florida, Tulsa, Central Michigan, LSU, South Carolina, California, Troy

Be sure to check back next week with our 2008 College Football Power Rankings for Week 15.