De La Hoya vs. Pacqiou A Las Vegas Fix?

De La Hoya vs. Pacqiou A Las Vegas Fix?Total Pro Sports – Manny Pacquiao proved on Saturday with his TKO victory over Oscar De La Hoya that he is the best boxer in the world. Moving up two weight classes for the super-fight, Manny Pacquiao used his vicious jab and lighting quick speed to negate the 4 inch height advantage of De La Hoya and land power punch after power punch, until De La Hoya’s corner threw in the towel at the beginning of the 9th round.

Although the result of the fight cannot be disputed, the time at which it was called does pose some questions. The over under for the fight in Las Vegas Sports books was set at over or under 9.5 rounds. Convenient that Oscar De La Hoya just couldn’t take anymore, just as the 9th round was set to go off.

You could argue in his defence that his eye was clearly closed shut, and he risked the chance of getting knocked out cold, but for a man who has only been TKO’d once in his career, it’s seems a bit fishy to me.

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