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NBA Power Rankings: Week 6

by: AnthonyP On  Monday, December 8, 2008

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Total Pro Sports – After losing the #1 spot to the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Power Rankings last week.  The Boston Celtics regained the #1 spot this week in the ranking.  They are currently on a 12 game winning streak and look like they cannot be stopped.

The Los Angeles Lakers last week were #1 in the rankings and now this week fall 2 spots to #3 after losing to the #22 ranked Indiana Pacers.  A game in which the Lakers dominated the Pacers all game they lost a huge lead inthe 4th quarter to lose the game.  A first for the Lakers, you can be sure this will not happen again this year.  Look for them to rebound and conitue on their winning ways.

NBA Power Rankings Movers And Shakers

Green ArrowOur biggest movers this week in our NBA Power Rankings, were the Dallas Mavericks moving up 6 spots in the power rankings, moving from #15 to #9.

The New Orleans Hornets moved up 5 spots in the rankings from #13 to #8.

Red ArrowOur biggest shakers this week in our NBA Power Rankings for week 6 were the Detroit Pistons losing 9 spots in the NBA Power Rankings.  They dropped from #6 to #15.

The Toronto Raptors dropped from 7 spots from #16 to #23 in this weeks power rankings

Lets take a look at the rest of the league: NBA Power Rankings for Week 6.

Rank Team Record Previous Comment
1 Boston Celtics 20-2 Green Arrow1 They are on a 12 game winning streak and looking unstoppable. Ray Allen is shooting the lights out which has to be seen as a good sign. Being the oldest of the big 3, most thought he was close to done, doesn’t look to be the case. Want to know how Intense KG is, look what he did to Glen Davis.
2 Cleveland Cavaliers
Green Arrow1 There on an 8 game winning streak and maybe we should hold off on those Lebron to New York rumors in 2010. If Lebron does what he says, wanting to play for a contender, well the Cavs could be it. The Knicks on the other hand will be bare when 2010 comes around.
3 LA Lakers 17-2 Red Arrow2 This is what happens when you lose to the Indiana Pacers, you drop from 1st to 3rd. Not only that, but they had a huge lead going into the 4th quarter. This isn’t the first time they’ve blown a big league this week. They may have won their other games but had double digit leads and blew them.
4 Portland Trailblazers 15-7 Green Arrow3 The Blazers are hot, they just had a 5 game road trip through the east and managed to go 4-1, quite a feat for such a young team. Now they go home with alot of confidence, look for them to continue their strong play. Joel Pryzbilla is still leading the team in rebounding baby.
5 Orlando Magic 15-5 Red Arrow1 This team is good, but it’s scary how much they rely on their top 5. Their top 5 average at least 13 points a game, after that the next guy, Keith Bogans, averages 6.6. It’s too early to tell if their strong enough to go deep in the playoffs, but you have to think they need a better bench. At the same time the Celtics won last year with a fairly weak bench… what did KG yell out…. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
6 Denver Nuggets 14-7 Red Arrow1 Nuggets have been looking good for a while now. You think Detroit might take that deal back already. The Pistons are under .500 since AI started up in Motown. It’s all about balance, Billups brings that, it’s severely overrated, but check the rest of the year, the nuggets are for real now.
7 Houston Rockets 13-7 Green Arrow3 They are doing well considering they have already had injuries to T-Mac and Yao. All the Rockets have to do is finish in the top and make sure Yao and T-Mac are healthy for the playoffs. As long as they are not taking on the Lakers, I can see them beating any team in the west in the playoffs.
8 New Orleans Hornets 11-6 Green Arrow5 Starting to pick it up after a slow start. Chris Paul is lighting it up averaging over a double double with 5 rebounds. On the other hand, I wish my boy Mo-P was putting up more than 7 points and 3 rebounds a game.
9 Dallas Mavericks 11-8 Green Arrow6 Boy was I wrong about them, I thought they were done, and maybe they still are and this is just a blip in the radar, but they’ve won 4 in a row and are 9-1 in their last 10. They have 3 guys averaging over 20 points a game, and Dirk is taking them on his back. I think he knows that unless he’s unstoppable each night, they aren’t going to win.
10 Utah Jazz 13-9 Red Arrow2 In times when coaches get fired like there’s no tomorrow, it is nice to see that this week, Jerry Sloan will be celebrating his 20th year at the helm of the Utah Jazz. He’s done an amazing job with them and it still boggles my mind that he hasn’t won a coach of the year award. But maybe that’s a good thing, just ask Sam Mitchell.
11 New Jersey Nets 11-8 Red Arrow2 It seems like after that win against the Raptors, where VC tied and won the game at the buzzer has given them new life. They went on the road and won some nice games out west, and they are continuing. They have to be a surprise so far.
12 Atlanta Hawks 12-7 - Still under .500 since starting 6-0 so we can’t say they’ve been great the last few weeks. They have 3 road games this week, We are going to find out if they are pretenders or contenders on this trip. At least there may be more fans in the stands then their are in Hotlanta.
13 San Antonio Spurs 13-8 Green Arrow1 They have played well recently. They destroyed the Warriors this weekend, slowly getting Ginobilli back in the rotation. Let’s see if they can continue.
14 Miami Heat 11-9 Green Arrow4 They currently hold the 7th spot in the east, something they should be happy with. They have moved Beasley out of the starting rotation to try and strengthen their bench as well as make Beasley the main offensive force on the second unit. It’s a move I like.
15 Detroit Pistons 11-8 Red Arrow9 They have struggled since the AI trade, but it’s still too early to pass judgment.
16 Chicago Bulls 9-11 Green Arrow3 So early on in the year, the team in the west occupying the 8th seed was under .500, while the team in the east with the 8th seed was above .500. Now it’s been reversed, guess we know the power is still in the west.
17 Phoenix Suns 12-9
Red Arrow6 Rumors out there that they could trade Amare Stoudamire. I don’t see it happening, there’s no reason for it. The team might not be happy with the style they play now, but winning will put that to ease… but they need to win.
18 Philadelphia 76ers 9-12
Green Arrow4 They are still trying to learn to play with Elton Brand. I give them two more weeks before we start asking if they are a good team together.
19 Bucks 9-13 Green Arrow2 They were 2-1 this week, and played the Lakers strong in a loss. I like this team and think their strong, should be interesting to see if they can break through, they have talent.
20 New York Knicks 9-11 Red Arrow3 They have some winnable games this week, but the team is a lot weaker without Randolph. It’s very sad to see what looks like the end of Cuttino Mobley’s career because of a heart problem. I don’t buy it, this guys all heart, a gentlemen of the game who brought it every night, He’s got more heart than a lot of guys in this league.
21 Bobcats 7-13
Green Arrow2 hey have the third worst attendance record in basketball at just over 12 thousand. They have the worst TV numbers in all of the NBA, which to me is shocking. They have former Tar Heel players and a former Tar Heel owner, not only that, they play hard. The Memphis Grizzlies/Bobcats game looked like it had less than 8,000 people at the game.
22 Pacers 7-13 Red Arrow2 They may have a terrible record, but when you beat the Lakers being down double digits going into the 4th quarter, your ranking goes up.
23 Toronto Raptors 8-11 Red Arrow7 I’d really like to put them lower, but the bottom teams are just so atrocious I can’t. They can’t rebound they can’t defend, and firing the coach isn’t the answer. They had huge losses this week and then lost a heart breaker on Sunday. The only positive, to date, the Raptors have had the third hardest schedule of any NBA team.
24 Timberwolves 4-15 - The bottom 6 teams in the west have a combined record of 25-96, that’s how much disparity there is in the west, a shocking number. There are 8 playoff spots in the west and only 9 contenders. Randy Wittman has been fired and replaced by Kevin Mchale, that move won’t do anything.
25 Memphis Grizlies 5-15 Green Arrow3 It’s pretty hard to find positives to say about any of the teams remaining. There’s just no hope for them winning anything this year, other than possibly rookie of the year honors for OJ Mayo.
26 L.A. Clippers 4-16 - Where does this team go. They have an abundance of big men, a nice rookie in Eric Gordon and that’s about it. I really thought this team had a chance to contend this year.
27 Washington Wizards 3-15 Green Arrow2 They are not going to do anything until Gilbert gets back. I’ve heard Flip Saunders rumors, I think he would be a good fit.
28 Sacramento Kings 5-16
Red Arrow3 So the last two weeks I’ve told you how the Kings were going to lose each game and that’s exactly what they did. This week I see them possibly winning one game, against the Knicks. I highly doubt Reggie Theus will be the coach who sees the victory.
29 Golden State Warriors 5-15
Red Arrow2 They have lost 9 in a row and are a mess, wonder if they can get out of it. There realizing why the Clippers didn’t want to resign Magette. He plays no defence, doesn’t pass and all he does is shoot, shoot, shoot.
30 Oklahoma Thunder 2-19
- This is an atrocious team, but luckily are doing ok attendance wise because they are new to the city. But Memphis and Charlotte were new to their cities, and look at there attendance numbers now. Durant’s scoring numbers are nice, but he needs to become an all round player.

Be sure to check back next week with our NBA Power Rankings for week 7.