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NFL Power Rankings Week: 14

by: DanD On  Tuesday, December 9, 2008
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Total Pro Sports – The New York Giants lose this week to the Philadelphia Eagles but still remain #1 in our weekly NFL Power Rankings for week 14.  The Giants will be in tough this week as the face the Dallas Cowboys.  If they lose this week they will be sure to fall in the rankings for next week.

News made headlines this past week not for great plays or great comeback but for Visanthe Shiancoe being exposed nude on national television.  Cameras were spanning across the dressing room as Zygi Wilf the owner of the team was giving a speech when the cameras caught Visanthe Shiancoe penis on live TV.  he immediately covered up, but the damage was already done.

Hopefully this week players will remember to cover up their junk while the cameras are rolling.

NFL Power Rankings Movers And Shakers

Red ArrowThe biggest shaker this week were the New York Jets losing 6 spots in the Power Rankings moving down from #9 to #15 after losing to the San Francisco 49ers.

The second biggest shaker were the Washington Redskins and the Atlanta Falcons both dropping 4 spots in this weeks NFL Rankings.

Green ArrowThe biggest mover this week were Baltimore Ravens moving up 4 spots from #11 to #7.  They are showing the world they are for real after a big win against the Washington Redskins.

Lets take a look at the rest of the league: NFL Power Rankings for week 14.

Rank Team Record Change Comment
1 New York Giants 11-2 - The Giants lost to the Philadelphia Eagles, and still managed to clinch the NFC East.  Star running back Brandon Jacobs was knocked out early with a knee injury, which could be a huge concern for this team. Up Next: Dallas Cowboys - Buy Tickets
2 Tennessee Titans 12-1 - The Titans took care of business this week against the disappointing Browns.  The two headed monster of Chris Johnson and Lendale White racked up 235 yards to help lead the Titans to a big win. Up Next: Houston Texans - Buy Tickets
3 Pittsburgh Steelers 10-3 - Thanks to a couple of key Dallas turnovers late in the game the Steelers manged to get against big D.  The Steelers offense looked horrific for most of the game, but they managed to pick it up when it mattered most.  Up Next: Baltimore Ravens - Buy Tickets
4 Carolina Panthers 10-3 Green Arrow2 The Panthers proved again this week they are a top team in the NFL after beating division rivals Tampa Bay Bucs. Up Next: Denver Broncos - Buy Tickets
5 Indianapolis Colts 9-4 - The Colts finally had the type of game that they have been known for over the last couple of years.  They continue to look like they are reading for another run at the championship.  Up Next: Detroit Lions - Buy Tickets
6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-4 Red Arrow2 The lost a big game to division rival Carolina Panthers, look for them to try an rebound against the tough Atlanta Falcons.   Up Next: Atlanta Falcons - Buy Tickets

7 Baltimore Ravens 9-4 Green Arrow4 A big win on Sunday night against the Redskins means the Ravens are now 9-4.  With the way their defense is playing they could make some noise come playoff time. Up Next: Pittsburgh Steelers - Buy Tickets
8 New England Patriots 8-5 Green Arrow2 The Pats won a close won against the Seahawks and find themselves in a dog fight for the division titles.  Up Next: Oakland Raiders - Buy Tickets
9 Dallas Cowboys 8-5 Red Arrow1 Dallas was up late in the fourth quarter, but failed to close out the game.  The lone bright spot was rookie runner Tahard Choice who looked very capable of being a feature back in the NFL. Up Next: New York Giants - Buy Tickets
10 Miami Dolphins 8-5 Green Arrow2 The first regular season game played in the Great White North was not the most memorable.  Miami won a big division game against the Bills and has a good chance of making the post season. Up Next: San Francisco 49ers - Buy Tickets
11 Atlanta Falcons 8-5 Red Arrow4 The Falcons lost close game to the Saints that they should have and could have won.  This loss hurts them even more because it was a division game. Up Next: Tampa Bay Bucs - Buy Tickets
12 Arizona Cardinals 8-5 Green Arrow1 The Arizona Cardinals have won the NFC West and have clinched a playoff spot.  No really they did.  Up Next: Minnesota Vikings - Buy Tickets
13 Philadelphia Eagles 7-5-1 Green Arrow3 The Eagles manged to take care of the Giants in what was one of the biggest upsets of the.  Perhaps this victory has saved Andy Reids job, I doubt it.  Up Next: Cleveland BrownsBuy Tickets
14 Denver Broncos 8-5 Green Arrow1 After losing to K.C. on the road early this year the Broncos redeemed themselves by beating them on their own turf.  Up Next: Carolina Panthers - Buy Tickets
15 New York Jets 8-5 Red Arrow6 The Jets look like world beaters at times and then the lose to the 49ers.  They better get it together soon because their is now a 3 way tie in the AFC East. Up Next: Buffalo Bills - Buy Tickets
16 Minnesota Vikings 8-5 Green Arrow1 The Vikings kept the Lions bid for perfection alive this week.  The bigger story from this game was the exposure of Visanthe Shiancoe Viking horn on national television. Up Next: Detroit Lions - Buy Tickets
17 New Orleans Saints 7-6 Green Arrow1 A big win for the Saints against division opponent Atlanta means they are still mathematically alive. Up Next: Chicago Bears - Buy Tickets
18 Washington Redskins 7-6 Red Arrow4 The Redskins lost to Ravens on Sunday night.  The Offense was held in check by the Ravens Defense, as Clinton Portis managed a measly 32 yards on the ground. Up Next: Cincinnati Bengals - Buy Tickets
19 Chicago Bears 7-6 - The Bears had big over the Jaguars to stay alive in the NFC north.  Up Next: New Orleans Saints - Buy Tickets
20 Houston Texans 6-7 - The return of QB Matt Shaub also meant a return to the win column of the Texans. Up Next: Tennessee Titans - Buy Tickets
21 San Francisco 49ers 5-8 Green Arrow2 The second straight victory for the 49ers under new coach Mike Singletary.  The best part is the he kept his pants on for the whole game. Up Next: Miami Dolphins - Buy Tickets
22 Buffalo Bills 6-7 Red Arrow1 In true Buffalo fashion Bills have played their way out of playoff contention.  Is Doug Flutie still available?  Up Next: New York Jets - Buy Tickets
23 San Diego Chargers 5-8 Green Arrow1 San Diego beat the Raiders on Thursday night in a meaningless game.  Next week they travel to K.C. for another game that doesn’t matter.  Up Next: Kansas City Cheifs - Buy Tickets
24 Green Bay Packers 5-8 Red Arrow2 At one time the Green Bay Packers a difficult to play at home, not anymore. Up Next: Jacksonville JaguarsBuy Tickets
25 Cleveland Browns 4-9 - One of the most disappointing teams this year in the NFL, led by one of the most disappointing players Braylon Edwards.  Edwards has failed to replicate the success of last years season due to a large butter build up on his fingers. Up Next: Philadelphia Eagles - Buy Tickets
26 Jacksonville Jaguars 4-9 - The Jags were trendy Superbowl pick before the season started and now they won’t even come close to making the playoffs. Up Next: Chicago Bears - Buy Tickets
27 Kansas City Chiefs 2-11 - K.C. have played like garbage for most of year, but they may QB Tyler Thigpen has looked good at times. Up Next: Green Bay Packers - Buy Tickets
28 Oakland Raiders 3-10 - The Raiders are just buying time until Vick gets out or jail and they can spend millions on him.  Up Next: New England Patriots - Buy Tickets
29 Seattle Seahawks 2-11 - The Seahawks played a close game against the Pats, but like most teams in the NFC west, they found a way to lose.  Up Next: St Louis Rams - Buy Tickets
30 St Louis Rams 2-11 - It was not that long ago that they Rams played in back-to-back Superbowls.  The only thing they do back-to-back now is lose. Up Next: Seattle Seahawks - Buy Tickets
31 Cincinnati Bengals 1-11-1 - The Bengals lost to Colts, which was not a surprise.  At least they are still a game and half better than the Lions. Up Next: Washington Redskins - Buy Tickets
32 Detroit Lions 0-13 - Definitely the worst team in football, The Lions will go 0-16 and that is amazing, go Lions go. Up Next: Indianapolis Colts - Buy Tickets

Be sure to check back next week with our NFL Power Rankings for week 14.