Sean Avery: Where Will You play Next?

Sean Avery True PlayaTotal Pro Sports – Everyone knows about Sean Avery’s antics on Dec 4th “Anyone want Sloppy Seconds” comments, but now that the Dallas Stars have released him, the debate will rage on to where he will go next.

Sean has entered anger management, basically because the Dallas Stars and the NHL have made him go.  If it were up to Sean, he probably wouldn’t have went.  Many experts believe that he will again end up in the State of California.  We all know that Hollywood is perfect for Sean, so maybe that means another stint with the Los Angeles Kings, because they are in desperate need of a grinder/goal scorer/middleweight/pest?

Or maybe Anaheim, where they need a middleweight who will fight almost anyone?  San Jose could also possibly use a pest like Sean.  Imagine a combination of Jeremy Roenick and Sean Avery?

All of the G.M.’s in the NHL know that Sean is a liability because of his attitude, but most of them believe that he could help their team.  There is no denying his skill, but will any of the 30 NHL general managers take a chance on him?

Let the debate rage on until somebody picks him up off of waivers!

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