NFL Power Rankings: Week 15
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NFL Power Rankings: Week 15

by: DanD On  Monday, December 22, 2008
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Total Pro Sports – The New York Giants lose again this week, this time to the Dallas Cowboys, but still remain #1 in our NFL Power Rankings for week 15.

A really weird week to say the least in the NFL, Tony Romo’s secret play was found in a local diner in Dallas.  The play supposedly was for his best friend Jason Witten, the Cowboys star tight end.  ESPN reporter Ed Werder started a controversy within the teams regarding the relationship between Romo and T.O., but it seemed settled at the end of the game against the Giants.

J.P. Losman of the Buffalo Bills came out before the Jets game and told the world this would be his game and that he would use the video tape to show the world what kind of talent he really had.  Well he did show the world that he doesn’t deserve to play in the NFL.  He came out against the Jets and and made himself look like the worst player in the NFL,  which was highlighted by the game changing fumble.

Last but not least after, Vikings Visanthe Shiancoe was exposed nude on national television, he was offered a performance contract by Black Ice LTD.  He has yet to decline the offer, but we’ll see after the Vikings season is done on what his final decision is.

NFL Power Rankings MoversAnd Shakers

Red ArrowThe biggest shaker this week were the Baltimore Ravens, losing 4 spots in the Power Rankings moving down from #7 to #11after losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Green ArrowThe biggest mover this week were the Chicago Bears moving up 4 spots from #19 to #14 in this weeks NFL Power Rankings.

Lets take a look at the rest of the league: NFL Power Rankings for week 15.

Rank Team Record Change Comment
1 New York Giants 11-3 - No Plaxico, no Jacobs, equals big problems for the defending Super Bowl Champs.   Up Next: Carolina Panthers - Buy Tickets 
2 Pittsburgh Steelers 11-3 Green Arrow1 Thanks to one of the worst calls of the season, the Steelers managed to squeeze out a huge division win against the Ravens.  They have another big game against the Titans this week. Up Next: Tennessee Titans - Buy Tickets
3 Carolina Panthers 11-3 Green Arrow1 The Panthers took to the Denver Broncos in week 15, and came out with another win.  Their two stud running backs continue to tear-up opposing defenses  Up Next: New York Giants- Buy Tickets
4 Tennessee Titans 12-2 Red Arrow3 Why Didn’t they kick the field goal late in Sundays game?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that an injury to stud defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth is cause for concern. Up Next: Pittsburgh Steelers - Buy Tickets
5 Indianapolis Colts 10-4 - The Colts looked a little shaky at times against one of the worst teams in the league, but managed to get the victory anyway.  If they want to go far in the playoffs they better start to play a lot better. Up Next: Jacksonville Jaguars - Buy Tickets
6 Dallas Cowboys 9-5 Green Arrow3 In spite of all the controversy that has swirled around this team, they managed to beat the Giants in a slug fest.  They will be tested again this week, against the Ravens. Up Next: Baltimore Ravens - Buy Tickets
7 New England Patriots 9-5 Green Arrow1 Playing with a heavy heart, due the passing of his father, Matt Cassel had one of his best days as pro.  He threw for 4 touchdowns, two of them to former Raider Randy Moss.  Up Next: Arizona Cardinals - Buy Tickets
8 Atlanta Falcons 9-5 Green Arrow3 A huge division win for the Falcons in overtime has them eyeing the playoffs.  The race for a wild card in the NFC is going to be battle and the Falcons are looking good.  Up Next: Minnesota Vikings - Buy Tickets
9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-5 Red Arrow3 Jeff Garcia was not in the line-up and the The Buccaneers lost their second straight.  The game did go to overtime, but the Bucs offense played horrible all game. Up Next: San Diego Chargers - Buy Tickets
10 Miami Dolphins 9-5 - The Dolphins are hottest team in the NFL and they continue to roll through their opponents.  Right now they look like a playoff team, but they must conintue to win games. Up Next: Kansas City Chiefs - Buy Tickets
11 Baltimore Ravens 9-5 Red Arrow4 The Ravens got screwed, there is doubt about it.  I wonder how much money the refs had on the game.  Up Next: Dallas Cowboys - Buy Tickets
12 Philadelphia Eagles 8-5-1 Green Arrow1 The Eagles beat up the Browns convincingly on Monday Night Football.  The Eagles remain alive in the NFC playoff hunt, barely.  Up Next: Washington Redskins - Buy Tickets
13 Arizona Cardinals 8-6 Red Arrow1 The Arizona Cardinals looked like a team in disarray against the Vikings.  If they can’t get their running game together they will have no chance in the playoffs. Up Next: New England Patriots - Buy Tickets
14 Minnesota Vikings 9-5 Green Arrow2 The Vikings smashed the Cardinals, thanks to a 4 touchdown performance by Tavaris Jackson.  Adrian Peterson continues to add to his league lead in rushing yards and remains a strong contender for MVP. Up Next: Atlanta Falcons - Buy Tickets
15 Chicago Bears 8-6 Green Arrow4 Another game lost, this time to the Bears, means that the season is over for the Saints.  The good news is that Pierre Thomas has been playing great over the last couple of weeks. Up Next: Green Bay Packers - Buy Tickets
16 Denver Broncos 8-6 Red Arrow1 The Broncos took a beating against the Panthers and could be in jeopardy of losing the division to the Chargers. Up Next: Buffalo Bills - Buy Tickets
17 New York Jets 8-6 Red Arrow2 Thanks to a late defensive touchdown, Brett Favre and the Jets got a huge win.  They will have to continue to win, if they want to make the playoffs. Up Next: Seattle Seahawks - Buy Tickets 
18 Houston Texans 7-7 Green Arrow2 The Texans continue to be one of the hottest teams in the league and easily had the biggest upset of the week as they took care of the Titans. Up Next: Oakland Raiders - Buy Tickets
19 New Orleans Saints 7-7 Red Arrow2 The Saints lose to the Bears in Chicago.  Imagine if this team had a defense. Up Next: Detroit Lions - Buy Tickets
20 Washington Redskins 7-7 Red Arrow2 The Redskins have collapsed as a team and will definitely miss the playoffs.  This past weeks loss came on the heels of comments made to the media by star running back Clinton Portis about coach Jim Zorn. Up Next: Philadelphia Eagles - Buy Tickets
21 San Diego Chargers 6-8 Green Arrow2 A win by the Chargers, means they are some how still alive in the AFC West.  What a horrible division.  Up Next: Tampa Bay Bucs - Buy Tickets
22 Green Bay Packers 6-8 Green Arrow2 The Packers beat the Jaguars in a very meaningless game. Up Next: Chicago Bears - Buy Tickets
23 San Francisco 49ers 6-8 Red Arrow2 The 49ers lost to the Dolphins this week, ending their incredible two game win streak. Up Next: St Louis Rams - Buy Tickets
24 Buffalo Bills 6-8 Red Arrow2 JP is a special quarterback, the Bills lose again. Up Next: Denver Broncos - Buy Tickets
25 Cleveland Browns 4-10 - The Browns got killed on monday night, surprised? Up Next: Cincinnati Bengals - Buy Tickets
26 Jacksonville Jaguars 4-10 - I hope Jack Del Rio put his house up for sale, because his days in Florida are done. Up Next: Indianapolis Colts - Buy Tickets
27 Seattle Seahawks 3-11 Green Arrow2 The Seahawks won, its too bad they can’t play the Rams every week. Up Next: New York Jets - Buy Tickets
28 Kansas City Chiefs 2-11 Red Arrow1 K.C. actually played a close game, but they still lost.  Poor Tony Gonzalez.  Up Next: Miami Dolphins - Buy Tickets
29 Oakland Raiders 3-11 Red Arrow1 The Raiders got spanked by New England, but they still have 3 more wins than the lions. Up Next: Houston Texans - Buy Tickets
30 St Louis Rams 2-12 - The Rams are looking really good to get the second overall pick in the draft.  What an accomplishment that would be. Up Next: San Francisco 49ers - Buy Tickets
31 Cincinnati Bengals 2-11-1 - Another win for the Bengals, who cares. Up Next: Cleveland Browns - Buy Tickets
32 Detroit Lions 0-14 - Definitely the worst team in football, The Lions will go 0-16 and that is amazing, go Lions go. Up Next: New Orleans Saints - Buy Tickets   

Be sure to check back next week with our NFL Power Rankings for week 16.