Athletes Should Be Allowed To Party

Mike Richards partyTotal Pro Sports – A Loyal reader of Total Pro Sports emailed this to us today.  It was in response to the article written this past week on Philadelphia Flyers Like To Party!!!. This is what Shawn from Philadelphia had to say about the Flyers partying with a fraternity.

Shawn, Philly The Frat WANTED Philadelphia Flyers guys there, and also, they are 23 years old!! That’s absolutely college age. I was 22 when I graduated, and while most might be 21, there are a TON of people in their early 20’s at these parties. These guys are just having some fun is all, and have every right too. If they were 30 years old, I could maybe see your point, but I’d still leave ‘em alone in the end.

Remember, these guys never had the time to party, they were all under EXTREME pressure of the Canadian Junior System (far more intense than other systems, I know that, and I’m not even Canadian), and we don’t need to get into how much pressure is put on these kids at such a young age and how people feel about it, but this all ties in. I say, give them a break and let them be. They do go to very classy places and are sighted all the time by the way. It isn’t like they are doing this all the time anyway. As far as I’m concerned, Hockey players are the best athletes in the world, it’s a privilege to hang out with them if anything. Just take a look at other sports and the BS that goes on there. if this is the worse that happens, this is laughable by comparison. I’m not even going to get into examples.

I think it’s great that Hockey athletes are so transparent like this. I remember here in Philadelphia, when I just got out of college not far from Temple actually, I hung out with a few Flyers at various bars. Eric Lindros was known to buy shots and beers at different places, I got to hang out with Donald Brasheer and few times, Justin Williams, Todd Fedoruk, Simone Gagne and a few others that were a bit older at the time, and ALL had a great time out. I’ll never forget when Williams was a rookie and I got to talk to him at such a young age, and how proud I was of him and to have such a personal discussion with him, it was great to remember. And Todd Fedoruk? He’s a funny as hell, and ended up seeing him a few times as well.

I’ll never forget having drinks with them all those years ago, and if I was at University now, I’d invite these guys over any time. People also need to remember, Philly is a big College city. We have 6 major schools in the city and more in the surrounding areas, so there’ s LOTS to do, and that’s not counting the Old City and Manyunk areas where most of the bars are, as well as the Waterfront on Del Ave.

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