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Girl Celebrates Gators Win With A Pole Dance

by: AnthonyP On  Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Florida Gators GirlsTotal Pro Sports – Yes, if you didn’t know the Florida Gators are this years BCS National Champions.  Gators fans partied day and night, through the streets and in their dorms.

But this young future University of Florida Alumni had her own way to celebrate and show her joy for her beloved school victory.  She decided it was only right that she poll dance with her orange and blue panties on in her dorm and then video tape herself.

What would be a video without uploading it to You Tube for the world to see?  Her parents must be so proud!

Now we know why everyone in the world wants to attend the University of Florida, not because their schooling is number 1 in the nation or because of the athletics program is top notch, but for the stripper polls in all the dorms.  I wonder if her parents read the fine print before sending her?

I wish I knew about this before, because I would have definitely attended the University of Florida just for the stripper polls.

Watch the dance here.

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