Trojan Unwrapped – David Beuhler

David BuehlerTotal Pro Sports – These past few weeks pictures of place kickers in college football have surfaced in sexual and erotic poses. First it was Jake Hogue from Ball State and supposed Abercrombie model Sarah Bakian, in an article we titled, “The Ball State Kicker Knows How To Have Fun”. The other day it was the Stanford mascot that was in pictures with the cheerleaders that were posing in a rather sexual way.

Today we have another interesting story, David Beuhler, kicker of the USC Trojans has photos on the internet showing his partying ways. When David is not studying or kicking field goals he can be found in a dorm room having the time of his life. David lives a life that most people dream of living, winning Championship, living in Los Angles and being surrounded by beautiful woman on a daily basis. I can’t complain either though, I mean our winters hit 40 below, my greatest achievement was winning a spelling bee and sharing a room with your 75 year old grandmother is like a dream come true.

I remember the days of college and they were nothing like these experiences, so all the power to these guys that manage to get an education, play the game they love and party like rockstars. If I could rewind time I would have chosen an American College, but since that is impossible we can only live these dreams through the reality of someone else’s life.

David BuehlerDavid Buehler

David Buehler

David Buehler

Trojan Unwrapped - David Beuhler

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