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Ray Emery Fights Trainer On The Bench

by: DanD On  Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ray EmeryTotal Pro Sports-  Former Ottawa Senators goalie Ray Emery, was caught on camera yesterday assaulting Atlant Mytishchi the trainer for his the Russian Hockey team that he currently plays for.  This guy can’t seem to do anything right lately and it was not that long ago that he was playing in the Stanley Cup Finals.

“From what I understand, Ray was upset about being pulled, he was hot and his head was sweaty.  He told the trainer three times that he didn’t want the hat and then the guy gave him a tough-guy stare. Ray then pushed him away.” Said agent JP Barry

He looks like he has finally lost his mind.  Supposedly, he gave up five goals in the game and was pulled.  After that, the trainer approached him and tried to force him to wear the team sponsors hat, while he was riding the pine.  Emery decided that good way to tell him that he didn’t want to wear the hat was to punch him in the face.  Good job Ray, way to show that Canadian hospitality.

Can someone please tell this guy that he running out of leagues to play in, maybe he should just join the UFC, where he can properly vent his frustrations.