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The TPS Awards – Oscar Style

by: DanD On  Sunday, February 22, 2009

jonathan papelbonTotal Pro Sports- In honor of the Academy Awards, we here at TPS have decided to put together our own Oscar style awards.  We present the first ever TPS awards.

Best Sports Play:

Since the inception of TPS there have been many great plays.  The sport of basketball has provided many big plays over the last couple of months and the 80-Foot buzzer beater that high school player Teddy Guzek hit was the biggest.

Best Sports Related Story:

This was one of the most difficult awards to pick because it seems everyday there is a plethora of interesting sports-related stories.  However, the recent news about A-Rod and steroids has been one of the biggest stories by far. Congratulations A-Rod on winning this prestigious award.

Best Game:

Even though they didn’t win the Superbowl XLII, the Arizona Cardinals played great, but eventually lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Superbowl had drama, suspense and even a brief moment of nudity in some parts of Arizona, making it one of most interesting games in years.

Best Male Athlete:

This one was also difficult for the TPS crew to chose.  After careful consideration the award goes to Micheal Phelps, for his prowess in the pool and for his recent bad publicity.  After his bong incident Phelps was dropped by some Major sponsors, but here at TPS we still like him.

Best Female Athlete:

Combing both beauty and athletic ability, this award goes to Danica Patrick.  We here at TPS really enjoy watching her compete on the race track and also checking out her photos from Go Daddy and Sports Illustrated.