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Is Manny Ramirez Near a Phone?

by: JamieD On  Thursday, February 26, 2009

Manny RamirezTotal Pro Sports – With Manny being Manny these days, you have to wonder if he’s by a phone in Costa Rica, or wherever else he happens to be.

Lets hope he is now because it has been reported that the Dodgers have offered him another contract, their fourth, and it looks pretty tempting.  The offer is a two year deal worth $45 million with the option of becoming a free agent after the first year.  The this year he would make $25 million, and if he chooses to remain with the team next year he will get $20 million.  This is a good offer for the slugger, especially when he considers the other offers he has been given.

The meeting reportedly was between team owner Frank McCourt, GM Ned Colletti, Manny’s agent, and another one of his representatives.  When asked about the offer, his agent, Scott Boras, said he would call Ramirez to give him the offer, then respond.

Looks like Manny may be buying a few more drinks tonight, or another plane ticket.