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by: AnthonyP On  Sunday, March 1, 2009

Barack Obama Drinking A beerTotal Pro Sports – That’s rite President Barack Obama is a regular human being just like you and me!!!!  Once and a while he enjoys a cold beer in public.

On Friday Night Barack Obama attended his home team Washington Wizards game sitting front row (did you think he would be sitting in the nosebleed seats?) as they took on the Chicago Bulls.  Surprisingly the Wizards went on to win the game 113-90 adding to their less then impressive 14-44 overall record.

But who cares about the Wizards anyways?

President Barack Obama was the talk of the game as he enjoyed his beer and spoke with the fans as the Wizards some how won the game.

Barack Obama Drinking A beer

Barack Obama Drinking A beer

Barack Obama Drinking A beerBarack Obama Drinking A beerBarack Obama Drinking A beerBarack Obama Drinking A beer

If you missed the last 2 pictures take a look at them again.

Yes, thats right not only does Barack Obama enjoy a cold beer at the game he also doesn’t mind starring at the beautiful Washington Wizards cheerleaders behinds as they dance in front of him. Just look at his facial expressions as he pretends to listen to the gentleman beside him. I could only imagine what is going through his head as he the Wizards Cheerleader shakes her tight booty.

I’ll leave the guessing for you to decide.

Photos Via: [LiveJournal]