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NBA Power Rankings for Week: uh . . . (Yeah It’s Been THAT Long)

by: AnthonyP On  Friday, March 6, 2009
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Ending (March 4th)

Total Pro Sports – Hello everybody! Let me introduce myself.  My name is Jeffrey Thompson and I will be one of the new writers here at Total Pro Sports.  You can catch some of my work on my site JTsHoopsBlog.

I am very excited as this is my first my first article and I’ll be picking up where my predecessor left off with the latest NBA Power Rankings.  There has been quite a bit to catch up to.

Since the last posting, so much has happened in the league.  The trade deadline has come and gone and along with the changing of addresses of numerous players, the entire face of the league has changed as well.  Teams that have been up have been sinking like stones and teams that are once down have shot up like Rockets.  The biggest riser has been the Utah Jazz going up 5 spots thanks to their eight game win steak and finally having the whole roster back from injuries.  Numerous teams have also dropped—the biggest being from the New York Knicks who have lost three in a row, seven of their last ten, and have a tough schedule ahead.

There is also a new king at the number one spot and his name is James.  So without any further adieu, let’s get down to it and see where your favorite team is ranked this week

Lets take a look at the rest of the league and this weeks NBA Power Rankings.

Rank Team Record Change Comment
1 Cleveland Cavaliers 48-12 Green Arrow2 They already had a strong roster, but by adding Joe Smith, the Cavs look to give the reigning Celts a run for their money for representing the East in the NBA Finals.
2 LA Lakers
- Andrew Who?  So far the Lakers have not missed Bynum winning seven of their last ten.  The only thing keeping them form the top spot are their loses to PHX and DEN
3 Boston Celtics 48-14 Red Arrow2 Losing KG hurts the Celts big time if they want to clinch the top spot in the East.  However they upgraded greatly with the acquisitions of Mikki Moore and Stephon Marbury. That should help them out.
4 Orlando Magic 44-16 - Jameer Nelson’s season ending injury was a big blow for the Magic.  However, the deadline trade for veteran Rafer Alston has softened the blow as they have won 6 of the last 10 games.
5 San Antonio Spurs 40-20 - Their upcoming games are winnable (DAL, WAS and PHX) and they have recently picked up Drew Gooden off waivers.  Things will get very interesting come playoff time
6 Portland Trailblazers 38-22 Green Arrow1 They have won seven of their last ten and they face two losing teams (IND and MIN) in their upcoming games.
7 Houston Rockets 39-23 Green Arrow2 Could this be? The Rockets are better without Tracy McGrady.  They have won 8 of their last ten and don’t seem to be missing the Mac-Man.  They have also bolstered the point by acquiring Kyle Lowry from Memphis.
8 Denver Nuggets 39-22 Red Arrow2 They are only .500 in their last 10 games losing to the likes of the Pistons and the Bucks
9 Utah Jazz 38-23 Green Arrow6 The Jazz has been playing a sweet tune now that the team is at full strength.  The team has won nine in a row so far.
10 New Orleans Hornets 37-22 - They should have been dropped lower for the boneheaded trade of Tyson Chandler.  Luckily that did not come to fruition.  They are also winners of 7 of their last ten and 5 in a row which keeps them in the top 10
11 Phoenix Suns 34-27 - Shaq’s inspired play and new coaching has pushed the Suns forward.  Too bad it might not be enough as they are 3 games behind the last playoff berth.
12 Dallas Mavericks 37-24 Red Arrow4 They won 6 of 10, but one of those loses came at the hands of OKC.  They also have a tough schedule ahead with San Antonio at home and the Hornets on the road
13 Atlanta Hawks 34-27 - A soft schedule (NYK, CHA, DET) should help this team gain more ground for the playoff chase
14 Miami Heat 32-28 Red Arrow2 Getting Jermaine O’Neal fills a big time need, but they have been .500 in their last 10 and the team faces PHX at home and the Raptors and the Cavs on the road.
15 Detroit Pistons 30-29 Red Arrow1 The Pistons have been sinking like a rock since the All Star Break, but they have seemed to have woke up as they have won three in a row.
16 Bucks 29-35 Green Arrow3 The Bucks are holding for dear life to that final playoff berth.  And it won’t help losing to the Cavs. They have a big game against the Bulls as it may determine who gets that last playoff spot.
17 Chicago Bulls 28-34
Green Arrow1 There are now tied with the Bucks for the final playoff berth.  And surprisingly, their next game is against the Bucks
18 Philadelphia 76ers 29-30 Red Arrow2 They hold the 7 spot, but losing two in a row does not help their cause.  They do have three winnable games at home though @ MEM, @OKC and TOR at home
19 Bobcats 26-35 Green Arrow3 Watch out for these guys!! They have won 6 of their last 10, including four in a row.  They are only a game and a half behind from the last playoff spot.
20 Pacers 27-37 Green Arrow1 They don’t have Danny Granger or Mike Dunleavy, but the Pacers are still in the hunt for the last playoff berth in the East.  They have won 6 of their last 10 and are 2 games back of the final playoff berth.
21 New York Knicks 25-35 Red Arrow4 The Knicks face an uphill climb as they battle for the final playoff spot.  They have lost 6 or their last 10 and face huge tests against the Bobcats, Nets and Bucks—three teams that are also vying for that final spot.
22 New Jersey Nets 27-34 Red Arrow2 Playoff chances are getting slim as they face the Magic on the road, the Knicks at home and start a west coast swing against the Golden State Warriors.
23 Toronto Raptors 23-39 - Only in the Eastern Conference will you find a team with the second worst record and still have a slim chance of attaining a playoff berth. They are only five games behind the Bucks for the last spot.  However, they can kiss their hopes goodbye as they face the Heat, the Jazz and the Sixers in the coming days.
24 Golden State Warriors 21-40 - Watching the Warriors play is like watching a horse with a broken leg.  Why doesn’t someone just shoot them and put them out of their misery.
25 Timberwolves 18-42 - Kevin Love have stepped in big time while Al Jefferson remains out for the season.  He has certainly proved his doubters wrong that he can be an elite big man in the NBA.
26 Memphis Grizlies 16-44 - You don’t see it yet, but the Grizz will be a team to look at in the future with a young core of OJ Mayo, Rudy Gay and Marc Gasol leading that team.  But not now because they suck.
27 Oklahoma Thunder 16-45 - For a team that stinks, the Thunder is still worth watching.  Give them a couple more years and I will guarantee you OKC will be vying for a playoff berth
28 L.A. Clippers 15-47 - This season has been an absolute disaster.  I’ll just leave it at that
29 Washington Wizards 14-47
- GM Ernie Grunfeld had a chance during the trade deadline to let go of heavy contracts and start the rebuilding process, but he didn’t.  Now he is stuck with an overpaid and under-performing team for not only this year, but for years to come
30 Sacramento Kings 13-49
- They’re just waiting for next season.  Hopefully they will still be in Sacramento.

Be sure to check back next week with our NBA Power Rankings for week 15.