The Hate Affair With A-ROD

alex-rodriguezTotal Pro Sports – Hello TPS fans. It’s Anders, and I want to try to get some understanding for myself on a topic that just completely baffles me. Why are Yankees fans so anti Arod? We all know what has been going on with Alex as of late. The admitted steroid use and such. Over the last few days we get word that Alex Rodriguez has a torn labrum in his hip area that he will be undergoing arthroscopic surgery for this morning in Colorado. This will sideline A-Rod for six to nine weeks, and he will also have to have another surgery done after the season

What is the reaction to this from Yankees fans? You would think that if your team lost it’s best hitter for any amount of time, the feeling would be doom and gloom. I am a Mets fan (yes I know the Heimlich maneuver), and if one of my star players went down (Beltran, Wright, Reyes), I would be freaking out. Not to mention that the Yankees don’t really have a suitable replacement for Alex, unless they play Texiera at third and let Swisher play first.That would be a lot of pressure on Mark Texiera might I add. More than likely they will live with Cody Ransom for the time of Alex’s absence. You would think the Yankees fans would be a little bummed, you would think they would be in a little bit of a panic. Nope. Not a chance.

I have been listening to sports radio all day, and the genuine consensus seems to be, “Good we don’t need him anyway”. Really? You don’t need him? Please stop. One guy actually called in and said to cut him and eat the money (I am not making that up). Please lay off the acid. Yea I am sure the Yankees front office is going to eat 9 years of a contract at 27.5 million per year. Get a grip people. This guy is your best player hands down. I have heard all the garbage: he doesn’t hit in the clutch, he isn’t a true Yankee (whatever that means), he doesn’t get it done in the postseason, he only hits home runs when the Yankees are up 10-0, etc.

Are Yankee fans that arrogant, that spoiled, that stupid , that you truly believe you are better off without Rodriguez? You can’t be serious.  This guy has won two MVP’s in the 5 seasons he has played for you. I don’t want to hear about the steroids for two reasons. One, this anti A-Rod attitude has been going on since he got here. Two, from everything I have read there were a lot of other guys on steroids too, which in my mind levels the playing field.

I want to be clear that I am not singling out all Yankees fans. I know a lot of you, and many of you understand Alex’s importance in this lineup . I also want to let you know that I take no pleasure in this just because I’m a Mets fan. The fact is I just don’t understand how any of you can say you don’t want him here. The “he doesn’t get it done in the playoffs” line of reasoning is a load of crap too. I am not saying he gets it done, but if I recall correctly in 2007 the Yankees don’t even sniff the playoffs without him. The problem is this. Yankees fans are ungrateful, you think it is your birthright to win a World Series every year. Instead of being satisfied and appreciative of what this franchise has given you, you all have your hands out looking for more. This guy is a hell of a player, maybe the best in the game today. I am not saying he is perfect, I think he does have mental problems, I think he is a horrible public speaker, and he has definitely made mistakes. However, he is as close to perfect as it gets on a baseball field. All that should matter is whether or not he helps your team win, and there is no debating the Yankees are a better team with Rodriguez than without.

The bottom line is this, Yankees fans need to appreciate what they have. You need to get behind this guy and cheer for him. I am sure none of you boo birds out there would ever realize that maybe all your criticism has actually perpetuated some of A-Rod’s failures because he is obviously sensitive to it.  My advice is lighten up on this guy, cheer him, accept him, drop all the true Yankee chatter. It is only going to make him worse not better. If you choose not to, that’s fine, but I don’t want to hear you bragging years from now or see you on your feet clapping when he starts hitting all those milestone home runs (whether they are tainted or not). Just don’t be a hypocrite , because that’s worse than being a mindless moron.

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