Chelsea Star Ready To Fight (Cops) For His Rights!

Total Pro Sports –  Chelsea star left back Ashley Cole apparently is a little camera shy.  And if you do happen to catch him with a snap shot?  Well you better be ready to run.

That’s what a photographer from The Sun, a British paper, found out.  The story was reported March 7th.  Cole was photographed with a woman at an exclusive bar in Chelsea.  When he realized the pictures had been taken, he went nuts.  The situation escalated to the point where cops needed to come in and detain Cole after he would not cooperate with them.

So why was he so worried about these pics getting out?  He was supposedly engaged in what he described as an “intellectual conversation” with a blond woman.  Just so you know, he is married to Girls Aloud singer Cheryl, and had been caught cheating on her 15 months ago with a hairdresser.

Cole has threatened to sue as a result of his breached privacy under the Human Rights Act if the pictures were released.  While we cant show you them, The Sun provides a great description:

In one of the photos — surrounded by other clubbers and with Blues skipper John Terry seen in the background — the girl leans towards Cole and rests her hand on his.  Her nails are manicured but unvarnished and she sports four bracelets in either pearl or mock pearl.  Cole wears a Franck Muller gold watch and looks up at the blonde as she turns her head to the side. Another shot shows Cole deep in conversation with the girl, who smiles and appears enraptured by the discussion.  The footballer raises a hand to gesture and his wedding ring is clearly visible. The girl wears a mid-blue dress cut in a V-shape at the back and a long bead necklace complements her bracelets.

Pics of the arrest, however, can be seen at The Sun, as well as more information on the incident.

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