Hulk Hogan Runs Wild In Courtroom

hulk-hogan courtroomTotal Pro Sports- Even the Immortal Hulk Hogan can’t escape the ugliness of divorce.  Apparently, after a recent hearing the Hulkster took some verbal shots at his wife’s lawyer in front of some news cameras.  The funny thing is that before the hearing the lawyer asked Hogan for an autograph for his son and he happily obliged.

In the video Hogans wife’s lawyer is being interviewed and is  confronted by Hogan.  To his credit the lawyer takes some stinging verbal shots at Hulk telling him that he is “acting” for the cameras.  He then says he knows “what it feels like to be in the WWE”, ouch.  Check out the video here:

Hogan should have given him the big boot and then the leg drop.

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