The Lady Terps Will Eat Your Children

Total Pro Sports – With the lack of Cinderella stories in the men’s NCAA bracket, maybe you want to turn you’re attention for a short moment to the women’s bracket, which so far has been rife with upsets.  A lot has been made of UConn being undefeated entering the women’s NCAA tournament.  If you are looking for a logical upset your best bet is probably this Maryland team.  Not only do they have a high scoring dynamic offense, a number one seed, and have routed their first two opponents, but they also eat kids.  Lady Terp, Oyefuwa said,

“Every month I choose a child,” she told me. “Sometimes it’s one from back home, sometimes it’s someone from this country. You try to pick the juicy ones, the ones with nice hair, delicious ones, pretty eyes, because you know, the eyes are the best.”

Ok, so it’s joke, but it is one hell of a weird motivational slogan.  It started out during Midnight Madness, a giant pep rally to mark the start of basketball season.  One player, Emery Wallace was jumping up and down shouting out slogans.  That famous Mike Tyson quote about eating Lennox Lewis’s children.  So Wallace yelled out Eat Kids, and a new motivational slogan came to be.

The Lady Terps seem to have different interpretations of what this slogan actually means.  Just to be clear, none of them are actually advocating cannibalism.  But they seem to agree that the statement gets them fired up.  It has started showing up on white boards and throughout the locker room. It helps them play hard, and therefore has become the defacto motto of this team.

It strikes me as another way of saying take no prisoners, defy expectations and get tough.  But personally, I like Oyefuwa’s explanation best:

“Just because we’re girls doesn’t mean we’re all…I mean, we are kind of prissy, but it’s a sport. It’s not a women’s sport, it’s not a men’s sport; it’s a sport. And if they can go hard, we can go hard as well. It’s funny, it reminds us of the past, and all the memories of how we got here, but the meaning is just don’t give up.”

Overall, if talking about eating babies is what it takes to empower these women and help them win, I’m all for it.

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