Why No Intrest In Torry Holt?

Torry HoltTotal Pro Sports – Whether or not people have realized it Torry Holt is on pace to put himself in talks for the Hall of Fame. Despite being about four years younger than Marvin Harrison he only has about two thousand less career receiving yards. Holt just missed the thousand yard mark for only the second time in his career (the other time being his rookie season), making it the first time that has happened in nine seasons. Over that span he has only missed playing in all sixteen games was in 2005 when he played fourteen games and still had over thirteen hundred receiving yards.

Last season was supposed to be the beginning of the end for Holt’s career, but he was thirty-two years old, trying to be phased out of an offense (an offense that was anemic to say the least) that was forcing a rookie wide out into the number one role.  Despite these circumstances Holt had sixty-four receptions and was only four yards shy of eight hundred. Granted Holt’s age is one of the factors that tells us that he is on the downside of his career, most players have hit their peaks by the time they are thirty-three, especially at wide receiver.

That being said, however, many wide receivers have had productive seasons between the ages of thirty-three and thirty-five. Terrell Owens just got signed to a 6.5 million dollar 1-year deal, he is going to be thirty-six and only has fifteen hundred more receiving yards in his career than Holt. Owens is a great example of how productive a wide receiver can be in his mid-thirties, he had over one thousand yards receiving in each of the last three seasons where is age was thirty-three, thirty-four, and thirty-five. Granted Owens is a physical specimen and gym rat so his career will age better than most, but looking at their career numbers can someone really say that Owens is that much better than Holt?

When you look at the class of wide receivers that Holt’s career stats have put him in, there are plenty of examples of players who continued to be productive at his age. Tim Brown had three eleven hundred yard seasons and a pro bowl appearance, Chris Carter went to a Pro Bowl three times after he turned thirty-three. Again, this seems like high praise for Holt, but if he gets just two thousand more yards in his career he would have the third most receiving yards in history how things stand now. I’m not saying that Torry Holt is as good of a player as Tim Brown and Chris Carter, but I am saying that there is no reason to think that he can’t be similarly productive towards the end of his career, and there are a lot of teams in the league that could use that kind of production at that position.

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