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Goalie With Ugly Tattoo, Lets In Ugly Goal

by: DanD On  Wednesday, April 1, 2009

artur borucTotal Pro Sports- Meet Artur Boruc. He  plays goalie for the Polish national team and also for Celtic, in the Scottish Premier League.  Apparently, he is also on the verge of signing with Newcastle.  They might want to reconsider that decision,  after watching this video of him letting in this most embarrassing goal.

It seems that crazy goals have been the theme of the day.  Check out the latest.

After watching the video I was wondering if that was a birthmark on his neck or just some ugly tattoo.  I’m sure his family wishes it was a birthmark, but unfortunately for them is actually a tattoo which says  “Addicted”.  I guess it means he is addicted to stupid tattoos.