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Daddy Helps Daughter Streak At Madejski Stadium In London

by: AnthonyP On  Friday, April 17, 2009

london-female-streaker-at-the-madejski-stadiumTotal Pro Sports  – Why cant North America have as many streakers as they do overseas?  I think I would pay double to watch the games just hoping for a streaker.

Recently during a match in Reading, England at Madejski Stadium, a lovely young lady was reportedly paid £3000 ($5500) to streak.

The video we have isn’t just another streaker that runs onto the field exposing herself, this time tapped by a fan behind her, we have all the preparation leading up to the streak and of course the streak itself.

But the best part comes when she undresses and then hands her clothes to what looks to be her father siting behind her in the stadium.

Listen to the crowd go wild!

I guess for this family it may just be a family tradition for them to streak. What a beautiful Game!!!