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The Washington “Natinals” Jersey Fail

by: AnthonyP On  Monday, April 20, 2009

the-washington-natinals-jersey-failTotal Pro Sports – Nationals or Natinals?  I guess the Nats officials are a little confused too.  Be it on the field or off the field the Washington Nationals continue to fail no matter what the jersey name is.

In last night’s loss to the Florida Marlins some of the Washington National’s players including Adam Dunn and Ryan Zimmerman were wearing jerseys that were spelled “Natinals” instead of “Nationals”.

“Oops. No “O.” Yes! Yes, tap in jokes galore. Have at ‘em.

On a normal National’s jersey, the “O” is the first letter on the left side of the jersey.”

I guess in this failing World Economy, even the Washington Nationals need to cut back their expenditures so the letter “O” had to go!!!

Pic HT – [DCSports]