2009 USC Song Girls In Bikinis, Hosting A Charity Event

2009-usc-song-girls-in-bikinis-swimming-with-mikeTotal Pro Sports – The most famous cheerleaders in the world the USC song girls, attended a charity swim event this past weekend called “Swim With Mike”.

Thanks to our friends over at Busted Coverage who have identified this event, as an event USC football recruits look forward to.

“Look, son, have you ever wanted to swim with the most recognized cheerleading units in college football?”

“That’s right, they’ll actually talk to you and let you flirt with them without pressing charges.”

Not only does USC have the best sports program in the Nation, they also have some of the hottest cheerleaders in the world.

And I decided to go to school in Canada!!!!!!

Check out some of the beautiful 2009 USC Song Girls after the jump,


2009 USC Song Girls In Bikinis

2009 USC Song Girls In Bikinis

2009 USC Song Girls In Bikinis

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