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Real Madrid’s Pepe Kicks Getafe’s Francisco Casquero During Match

by: AnthonyP On  Wednesday, April 22, 2009

real-madrids-pepe-kicks-getafes-francisco-casquero-during-matchTotal Pro Sports – In the 87th minute of 2-2 game between Real Madrid and Getafe, Real Madrid’s Pepe was given a red card and sent off for kicking/shoving Getafe’s Francisco Casquero.

“Pepe lashed out and kicked Casquero on the ground and a second swipe saw him rake his studs over the midfielder’s back. In the ensuing melee he struck Getafe’s Juan Albin in the face.”

As crazy as this sounds its not, we have video evidence of Pepe intentionally pushing then kicking Francisco Casquero twice.  After he commits the viscous foul, Pepe tries to console the wounded Casquero as he knows he’s done something wrong.

Upset and embarrassed at what he had done, Pepe had this to say to the media,

“People know this is not my style. They didn’t give a penalty when (Real Madrid striker) Gonzalo Higuain was fouled, then later Casquero was free in the area, I arrived late, and gave away the penalty. It all happened very quickly and I lost my head. I can’t explain it.”

Maybe next time Pepe will think with his head and not his deflated soccer ball.

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