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Blue Jays Fans Are Also Umpires

by: JamieD On  Thursday, May 14, 2009

fake-umps-jay-gameTotal Pro Sports – The Toronto Blue Jays have been having a great season thus far, and we think we know why.  Not only has their hitting and pitching been strong, but they also appear to be getting the calls from the ump behind home plate.

Two fans who have been making regular appearances sitting behind home plate at Jays games in umpire uniforms and making calls.  They actually get quite animated during strikeouts.  They were present at last nights game between the Jays and the Yankees.

Its just too bad they couldn’t get the home side more calls.  They did do a good job on this Johnny Damon at bat though (the best part is the end after he strikes out).

Hat Tip Video – [HuggingHarold]