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Dwyane Wade Plays 1 on 1 With Fake Billionaire

by: JamieD On  Friday, May 15, 2009

Dwyane Wade Plays 1 on 1 With Fake BillionaireTotal Pro Sports – This matchup had been brewing for quite some time now, and finally it happened.  Dwyane Wade versus fake billionaire Charles McGalls.  This all seems confusing to me, but from what I understand, this is part of a converse promotional gig.  I may be wrong about that, but what I do know is D Wade probably wishes the Hawks were as bad as this guy.

If there is one thing that McGalls does well, its play the part of a fool.  His all-white outfit is second only to his poor game when it comes to embarrassments.  Even when Wade allows him to take a free shot, the only thing the balls catches is a giant whiff of air.  Guess not even his training program was enough to help him.

With the Heat out of the playoffs, Wade will have plenty of time to play some one-on-one.  Just don’t expect McGalls to be his opponent again.