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Inverted Triangle Choke MMA Submission Of The Year!

by: JamieD On  Thursday, May 21, 2009

Inverted Triangle Choke MMA Submission Of The Year!Total Pro Sports – The Bellator Fighting Championships has been providing some great MMA fights lately.  First it was the spinning backfist from Yahir Reyes on Estevan Payan.  This time we have the rare “inverted triangle choke” applied by Toby Imada on Jorge Masvida.  Best way to explain it?  It looks almost as if the two men are performing a standing 69.

The way the move is applied is simply amazing.  Just when Masvidal thought he had escaped from being under Imada, he was caught by the crazy move that left him out cold within seconds.  A tough loss for Masvidal, who appeared to be landing some powerful shots in the highlights and had bruised up the face of Imada pretty badly.  So much for the blowing kisses at the camera during introductions.  It is very likely he doesn’t even remember that anymore.

Here is a short clip of the highlights of the fight, concluding with the amazing inverted triangle choke.