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Soccer Celebration Turns Ugly As Bus Tips Over

by: JamieD On  Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Soccer Celebration Turns Ugly As Bus Tips OverTotal Pro Sports – Everyone enjoys a parade.  In sports, there is no better way to show your support you team than by partying with fellow fans, waving the the home sides colors, and cheering them on.  Just make sure that you don’t do so with dozens of other fans on the top of an wobbly bus.

Several individuals learned that the hard way. During a parade for the Brazilian soccer club Sertaozinho after they had just been promoted, the party turned ugly awfully fast.  As the awkward shaped bus carrying fans on top of it made its way down the street,  it began to shake ever so slightly.  Before anything could be done, the bus was already on its way down. Twenty-nine people were injured after the bus crash, which is no surprise after watching the footage.  Next time their team wins the championship, they will likely be riding along from inside the bus, rather than on top of it.

Thankfully Lionel Messi didn’t get injured while he was on top of a bus, dancing drunk after wining the UEFA Champions League.

Hat Tip Video – [101GreatGoals]