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Fight Errupts In Tunnel At Soccer Match

by: JamieD On  Thursday, June 11, 2009
Tags:  Brawl   FIFA   Fight   Handball   Lacrosse   Soccer  

Fight Errupts In Tunnel At Soccer MatchTotal Pro Sports – Soccer is often labeled as a soft sport, and when a fight does break out within the game, it usually involves several slaps and possibly some kicks.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t those playing the game who know how to throw some fists.    These two are a prime example.

It is unclear where this game occurred and between who (if you can read that language you are one step ahead of me), but one thing is for sure.  These two soccer players obviously don’t like each other.  And what better way to sort out their differences than to duke it out.

As one man leaves the pitch through the tunnel, he encounters and opposing player.  A couple of exchanged words later, and all hell breaks loose.  After several fists of fury are delivered, teammates come in to break the combatants up.  While it did not quite have the flare of a lacrosse brawl, it at least had more punches than the fight which occured at this women’s handball match.  Exactly what we should expect from a soccer fight.